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Dexter is the main character and protagonist of Dexter's Laboratory. He is a boy genius who has a secret laboratory. His intelligence makes him the brains of the family and he is one of the world's greatest inventors, having created countless Dexters labratory mom nude and amazing machines and experiments. The daily events surrounding Dexter's life mainly revolve around his relationship with his sister and everything that happens between the two.

Dexter is a very short young boy who has curly red hair that was passed down to him from his mother He wears a pair of glasses that appear semi-circular at normal times, but when he widens his eyes, the tops of them round out. He wears a little white lab coat with black buttons on it. He also wears purple gloves, and a pair of black rubber zipper boots. Occasionally he may or may not wear a pair of black pants that match his boots. He speaks with a Russian accent despite the rest of his family not having any accents.

Dexter is an extremely intelligent boy a self described "Boy Genius" who Dexters labratory mom nude been creating fantastic inventions since he was a baby. He considers Albert Einstein to be his greatest influence. He is normally in conflict with his sweet sister Dee Dee.

Dexter, though highly intelligent, often fails at what he has set out to do when he becomes overexcited and makes careless choices. He manages to keep the Dexters labratory mom nude a secret from his clueless, cheerful parents, who amusingly never notice any evidence of the laboratory, even when it was right before their eyes.

Despite coming from a typical all-American family, Dexter speaks with a Russian accent a reference to Genndy Tartakovsky 's own accent that he spoke with during childhood and prank calls Rob Renzetti sent to Tartakovski while the two were at CalArts. Dexter's favorite superheros are Major GloryAction Hank and Monkey not realizing that Monkey is in fact his own lab monkey.

Despite his great genius, Dexter is in fact very naive and occasionally very ignorant about certain subjects to the point where it seems like he lacks common sense; such examples of are his ignorance to the nature of girls, classic arcade machines and matters relating to nature, having not even known about famed biologist and friar Gregor Mendel the discoverer of DNA until Dee Dee told him, which clearly shows that despite his vast capabilities, Dexter is still a young and inexperienced child who lacks wisdom and experience.

Dexter also has a huge ego which often clouds his judgement and has caused him to make rash and often morally questionable decisions, such as attacking Dexters labratory mom nude Claus due to his refusal to accept that he was real until the end, letting the Earth be destroyed do his inability to compromise with Mandark and even attempting to destroy Dee Dee for taking away his dream of saving the future, despite her having no malicious intent.

As shown in Ego Tripas Dexter grew older his personality went through numerous dramatic changes, such as the cowardly Number 12the courageous Action Dexter and the wise but incredibly senile Old Man Dexter.

Dexter was first born in a hospital in Genius Grove. His Dad was so happy to have him until he found out that he had a very large Dexters labratory mom nude. He was terrified and hoping that there was nothing wrong with him.

The doctors studied this and they found out that the reason for this was because he was a genius. His Mom and Dad were very happy to hear this and were very proud of him. The doctor gave him glasses in honor of his genius. With this proud declaration, his parents happily took him home to introduce him to his sister Dee Deewho quickly began unintentionally tormenting the newborn Dexter.

A short time after his first encounter with Mandark, Dexter was at school when he announced that he would be taking part in the town science fair and the class praised Dexter's genius as he gloated about his superiority Dexters labratory mom nude his goal to win the science fair. An angry Mandark sitting in the back of the class was unable to hold back his frustration and called out everyone on their fanaticism towards Dexter and even told Mr.

Luzinsky to hold his tongue, as he believed that Dexter was unworthy of any praise after he had destroyed his lab and used his feelings for his sister against him. Mandark then revealed that he planned to take part in the town science fair as well where he would defeat Dexter, however Dexter remained unfazed by his threats and ignored him even when Dee Dee tried telling him to be more cautious.

The next day during the fair, Dexter was about to win with his robotic arm until Mandark arrived dressed as a sorcerer Dexters labratory mom nude carrying Dexters labratory mom nude mysterious golden box.

Mandark's late entry was accepted into the fair despite Dexter's protests and Mandark then used his dark brand of arcane magic to summon his inter-dimensional monster JoJo which then kidnapped Dee Dee, forcing Mandark and Dexter to put aside their differences and join forces to save her. After doing so, Dee Dee rewarded Dexter with a peck on the cheek and an amorous Mandark with a disturbed look and the two boys appeared to have Dexters labratory mom nude their differences, at least until the two were given the blue ribbon prize.

Their unwillingness to share the prize ended up re-igniting their rivalry once more. One day at school while watching a documentary on Mount Rushmore, Dexter discussed the possibility of bringing to life the presidential sculptures after the subject was brought up by Timothy with the technology of Tripolar Frankensteinian Electrodes which could then be used to cause havoc and destruction, and this thorough explanation did not go unnoticed by Mandark, who grew a keen interest in Dexter's explanation, writing down everything as he spoke.

Mandark little sister, named Olga Astronomonovwho goes by the name of "Lalavava", got into a rivalry with Dee Dee the same way Dexter did with Mandark after the two girls competed to get the solo role in the dance recital.

After the solo was changed into a duet, the two girls sought out the aid of their brothers so they could build a device that would allow them to beat the other. However while Dexter was asked nicely by Dee Dee, Mandark was tormented and threatened by his sister. On the night of the recital, Dee Dee used the Dexo-Transformer while Lalavava used the Mandark-Transformer and each formed a deadly and destructive dance that destroyed the dance theater.

Both then agreed that their brothers were stupid and that science stinks, and the two happily became friends and went to the mall. Dexter's Dexters labratory mom nude unites to defeat Badaxtra. At a later point in his childhood, Dexter accidentally unleashed the unstoppable monster Badaxtra which threatened to destroy Dexters labratory mom nude. This forced him to reveal his laboratory to his parents as he needed their and Dee Dee's aid to pilot his greatest fighting robot, the Multi-Formic Megabot.

At first they were no match for Badaxtra, but after uniting their hearts Dexters labratory mom nude joining forces with Monkey they were able to finally vanquish the vile beast once and for all. Luckily Dexter used his memory eraser ray to erase the memory of his lab from his parents minds. Monkey then used the ray on Dexter soon after so he would forget Monkey's real identity, however this also made him forget that he was the one who saved the day which caused Mandark to take all the credit.

For the next many years of his childhood, Dexter continued to have numerous crazy misadventures and weird encounters while constantly still having to deal with Dee Dee's annoying antics and trying to outwit Mandark. This would all change however with the creation of Dexter's greatest and most powerful invention ever, the Neurotomic Protocorea device so powerful that it could revolutionize the world forever.

The creation of this device caused Dexter's long time rival Mandark to go from being a mere opponent into a full blown evil archenemy due to realizing that with this device he could become the all powerful ruler of the world.

He then became determined to steal Dexter's greatest creation and completely crush Dexter in order to achieve his goal of total supremacy, turning their once comedic and destructive rivalry into one of pure hatred and deadly force.

Despite his many attempts, Mandark was never able to obtain the core during his childhood. It was during this time that Dexter was attacked by a group of robots who were seeking to destroy "the one who saved the future", believing that to be him, Dexter destroyed the robots and used his time machine to travel forward Dexters labratory mom nude time and see how he Dexters labratory mom nude the future.

Number 12 is "reunited" with what he once was, his younger and confident self. What is your name? The Dexters labratory mom nude meet their elderly future self, Old Man Dexter. The three Dexters meet their cool middle aged self, Action Dexter. The Dexters team up to create the ultimate mech while honoring the memory of their now destroyed lab.

The ultimate mech enters the castle's domain and prepares to challenge its deadly security. With newfound resolve and the Mandarks briefly subdued, the Dexters prepare to end Overlord Mandark's reign once and for all. The Dexters stand victorious and rest assured Dexters labratory mom nude their robots will stop Dee Dee.

Dexter Dexters labratory mom nude the unusual predestined paradox, but decides to forget about it. Dexter would continue to live out his life from that point on and experienced life as the downtrodden Number 12 and the heroic Action Dexter before finally becoming the elderly ruler of his kingdom of DextopiaOld Man Dexter and living out his golden years as the somewhat senile ruler of the world with his sister Old Gal Dee Dee.

In the What-A-Cartoon shorts, Christine Cavanaugh served as the voice of Dexter, and returned to voice the character when the show was picked up, and remained on the show throughout the first two seasons, and the first few episodes of season 3.

Dexters labratory mom nude, Cavanaugh retired from voice acting after the season 3 premiere, and was replaced by Candi Milowhich some fans did not immediately take to heart, as they claim she made Dexter's voice sound forced and cheesy.

However, they noted an improvement in her rendition of Dexter in Season 4. Dexter's gallery can be viewed here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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