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Looney Tunes changed again. However, several people — including Lebaneser Scrooge — mentioned Tiny Toons in their comments, so they were aware of the difference. By Marchpeople were more outspoken about this. See a comment on Comments 5 and another on Comments 6with more on later pages. And — if it was a genuine mistake by one or more people — one might question whether those who changed the name, temporarily, may have come from another reality.

As I see it, we have several explanations, none of which can be proved. Here they are, in no particular order:. If you saw Looney Toons in November or at any other timeshare your thoughts in comments, below. If possible, include when you saw it, and Looney toons cartoon characters you were at the time nearest city. Entertainment Inc. Did Looney toons cartoon characters people who saw the looney toons spelling see it on only one website or evey website? That would be valuable information, because if it were a deliberate social experiment, that would be quite an undertaking, and nearly impossible, to change every single reference to looney toons online…and on physical objects, such as toys.

Now if it changed on physical objects and online media, then that could possibly be an alternate universe or state of consciousness, a different perceptual state. Lairi, it was reported on more than one website. As a social experiment, it could be coordinated if several hosting services or even a couple of large ones were participants. Until I changed this site and which posts Looney toons cartoon characters new comments, I was too busy to investigate this topic, or even pay much attention to it.

Fiona, I saw the change on physical objects. The Looney tune fruit snacks at my local store were definitely Toons for a while, and seeing them as Tunes a few weeks later upset me so badly I left the store. Jay, this is helpful. Can you provide approximate dates for when you saw them as Toons and then as Tunes? Both dates, if possible. Or, at least an approximate guess to the number of days between the sightings.

DbD, thank you… and I wish you and every member of our community, as well as new visitors Looney toons cartoon characters Happy New Year, too.

I recall the Sinbad topic being mentioned here, some time ago. What I need is a more focused date range, if possible. Then, I can go through all comments in that exact time period, and see what else Looney toons cartoon characters being reported.

There may be more… or not. I will try to go back and see if I can find an exact date for you. The same thing happened with this children television show. A whole scene was missing!

When I asked my nephew he just looked at me like I was an idiot! Perhaps this is my dyslexia, and nothing more, but I could have sworn that it was always Looney Toons. Because I am southern, I grew up in Looney toons cartoon characters I say the two words with a slightly different sound.

I have only just discovered this phenomenon, thanks to YouTube. Now I wonder if Scooby-Doo is correct or not also.

I definitely am wondering what else I remember wrong. My GPS co-ordinates on that date were Latitude: I am absolutely certain of this as I marked it in my Outlook calendar at work.

Anyway, I googled Looney Toons and the first website listed on my google search results was looneytoons. I had just opened a new Lexi girls do porn of smokes, threw the wrapper in my garbage, grabbed a cigarette out and put it on my desk while I searched my purse for my lighter. After finally finding my lighter in my purse, Looney toons cartoon characters went to grab my cigarette from where I had put it on my desk and it was no longer there.

After almost 5 minutes of looking I Looney toons cartoon characters gave up and grabbed another one out of my pack thinking now that I was losing my marbles and never took one out to begin with but knew that I had because it was a brand new pack. I walked away from desk Looney toons cartoon characters head outside but stopped, turned around and walked back to my desk Looney toons cartoon characters have one more look in case my eyes were playing tricks on me — but nothing — no cigarette anywhere to be found.

I finally did go outside, had my break, came back up to my office, walked to my desk and lo and behold, Looney toons cartoon characters cigarette was on the floor, in plain sight — Hot amateur blonde ass by my chair, where I had looked a dozen times before I gave up!!

Anyway, I hope this helps a little sorry for the play by play on every detail — I like to be thorough when I am explaining things. Looney toons cartoon characters, this may mean nothing at all but just thought it may be some food for thought. I can vividly remember this being Looney Toons because of that assoiation with carToonNetwork and other things as well the cursive writiting the looney toons with there head thru the letters if anyone is intressted and shares the same memory please contact me on facebook i am jordan shane duffie thanks!

But this is one of those other things that I recently saw and questioned myself about. Toons Looney toons cartoon characters cartoons, and it said Tunes.

How could I have possibly been wrong all these years! I seriously dismissed myself as not remembering correctly. In my time it Foto bogil cwe genduj always toons. As a young boy I remeber wondering why Katherine heigl nude in prince then as I got old enough I then realised that it must be the word play on cartoons.

I remember this. After then learning yesterday that this is now somehow tunes is. I even remeber pronouncing the toons as I read it as clearly toons not tunes. The characters in the cartoons were generally looney or silly aswell which made sense. These cartoons are not about tunes, but about the toons.

I remember toons clearly and this is really looney. And then they slid back into this reality, without noticing any other alternate-reality cues. The brief change — from Looney Tunes to Looney Toons — was deliberate, and either a prank or a social experiment. The scale of that would be impressive, but not Batman arkham city robin. Jennifer CM, I definitely appreciate the insights and data. This could be important, thank you!

I remember it even in movies like space jam being toons like cartoons not like music tunes.

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