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You know that ruggedly handsome manly man the ladies all sigh for? This isn't that guy. Oh, he still gets the sighs, but it's because he is so damn pretty. These guys are often slender or slight, with fine facial features. Height is variable: if his prettiness comes from his youthfulness, then he's probably shorter; if it comes from his status as Mr.

Fanservicethen he's going to be taller. This doesn't necessarily mean he's androgynous or looks like a girl, Pics nude slim tall twinks. That's a different trope, Dude Looks Like a Lady or Viewer Gender Confusionif he's androgynous enough that the Pics nude slim tall twinks is genuinely confused about his sex.

The Pretty Boy also isn't Pics nude slim tall twinks effeminate or weak. He may well be as strong or physically powerful as the other, more muscular guys, and as masculine as the more ruggedly handsome ones. Expect one of his more rugged counterparts to sneeringly call him "Pretty boy" at least once.

Increasingly common for even his detractors to comment on just how much they appreciate his looks. Assemble enough of these guys, and you end up with a Cast Full of Pretty Boys.

The main difference appears to be that western media believes that males can be too pretty, and keeps the manpretty below a certain level for fear of making their heterosexual male viewers uncomfortable or confused. A Sister Trope is Agent Peacock. If the pretty boy also has long, flowing hair, he is a Long-Haired Pretty Boy.

He may be accompanied by sparkles. White Hair, Black Heart is a subtrope which marks a character out as a villain. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Prettier than any of you humans could ever hope to be. Comic Books. It depends on the artist, however. For example, in Wolverine and the X-Menhe looks even older than his father. Red Robin : Tim gets a lot of compliments, and unwanted admirers.

While not every artist gets his good looks across, Marcus To draws a really pretty Tim Drake with fabulous hair. Daken and Gambit ; they have a scene in Daken's solo comic where they snark at each other, using it as an insult.

Not every artist can pull it off, of Pics nude slim tall twinks, but he is supposed to be unnaturally, ethereally beautiful, to Interracial pics with text point that the wings aren't what you notice first if you're close enough to make out his Pics nude slim tall twinks. This even continued when he was blue.

Amusingly, his time-displaced teenaged self jokingly acknowledges this while on a date with Xmaking himself out to be prettier than Jean Grey. Laura: Jean is prettier than me. Warren: That's not true. Laura: You're prettier than me. Warren: That is true. They have some sort of Pics nude slim tall twinks that creates the sparkleand their guns have roses on them. Their scouts are cute boys, and they have legions of female fans. He's tall, slim and has a pretty face, with equally pretty eyes.

Beauty and the Beast : At the end of the movie The Beast himself, restored to his true form, a handsome young Prince with flowing dark blonde hair.

Shang in Mulan. Yao even refers to him as Pretty Boy during his Shirtless Scene. Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians.

He even has Tooth and her helpers fangirling all over him, although it may be solely to do with his teeth. He's tall, has thick curly hair, and no real personality other than posing dramatically and expressing his Undying Loyalty to Riley. It's worth noting that he's basically a handsomer version of Jordan, the nameless boy whom Riley meets at the end and is dating in the sequel short. The Once-ler from the film The Loraxwith his big blue eyes with huge eyelashes, babyface and everything.

Cinderella's prince from Cinderella is a handsome guy with prominent eyelashes. Pics nude slim tall twinks Film Series : The movie series contains more examples of this trope than one would normally expect for a superhero property which typically promotes a more traditional ideal of the masculine form. Honest Trailers even poked fun at this by saying that the X-Men franchise starred a lot of twinks. Bobby Drake's dainty facial features quickly communicate to the audience that he's a good-hearted person.

This is especially true in the first moviewhere he was only a minor character, but viewers were able to tell right away that "the cute guy" is sincere when trying to befriend Rogue. Moreover, being forced to abandon his family in the second film is more painful when his expression is very much like a puppy dog who has just been kicked. Pics nude slim tall twinks Xavier is strongly defined by his boyishness: he has a soft, round face, baby blue eyes, cherry-red lips the colour is so deep at times that it almost looks like he's wearing lipstickand is of shorter-than-average height.

It's symbolic of his sensitivenice guy qualities. Erik Lehnsherr even calls him "adorable" when Charles tries the Cerebro machine for the first time. With his fair complexion, the young telepath resembles a living porcelain doll, and his fragility becomes evident when he " breaks " physically and emotionally during the climax.

Hank McCoy is quite similar to Xavier just younger and a lot more insecureand while this may be a coincidence, it's nevertheless convenient that he shares some facial features with his mentor, like pale skin, blue eyes and thick reddish lips.

The one big physical difference between them is that Hank is a lot taller. The Wolverine : Wolverine invokes this when he confronts Harada, presumably as an attempt to deride the latter's masculinity. Harada Pics nude slim tall twinks an elegant face, a slim build, and is an agile ninja, in contrast to the macho bruiser Logan.

It's a visual cue to the audience that he's an immature prankster who doesn't take life seriously. X-Men: Apocalypse : Professor X is around 50 years old, yet before he loses Chris brown and rihanna sex hot fuck hair, he's still gorgeous and youthful-looking for his age he can Pics nude slim tall twinks for a man in his early 30s —in fact, he doesn't appear all that different from his graduate student days in First Class.

Being boyishly beautiful also emphasizes Charles' status as a victim when he's Mind Raped by Apocalypse, which is a metaphor for sexual assault. Pics nude slim tall twinks a theme from First Class is Hank being a mirror image of Charles with a few key differences.

McCoy remains pretty and boyish in a similar way to Xavier, but despite being a decade younger, he is much more cautious and realistic than his ex-mentor, and he makes plans to ensure that the X-Men have everything they need when and not if the peace between mutants and humans is shattered. Warren Worthington III aka Angel is beautiful, and it's meant to be ironic that an angelic-looking youth is actually quite ruthless and deadly. Although Nightcrawler falls more on the "cute" side, he is extremely attractive with his elfin features particularly larger, more prominent ears which are further enhanced by his adolescent development.

They reflect his Adorkable personality, and even with the scars on his face, the impression Kurt Wagner leaves on viewers is that he's a lovely blue elf rather than a freaky blue demon. Quicksilver is affirmed to be Magneto's son, so Peter's softer, delicate features Pics nude slim tall twinks his father's Villainous Cheekbones. Quicksilver fights for the heroic team, and Smile sundsvall rabbit sexleksak Pics nude slim tall twinks with the Big Bad.

Maximoff's puckish looks also mark him as a Manchild and a Basement-Dweller. During his confrontation with Apocalypse, Quicksilver moves gracefully as a Fragile Speedsterand once Apocalypse takes away his Super Speed advantage, Peter is wholly defenseless. Because Maximoff's face exudes an aura of innocence, it evokes the imagery of a "lamb to the slaughter" when Apocalypse offers his bare neck to Psylocke for execution. Lord Pics nude slim tall twinks the Rings : The race of fair-skinned long haired peroxide boys.

Legolas especially takes the cake. Frodo, as he is fairly good-looking for a Hobbit. Being portrayed by Elijah Wood helps. Kili in the film version of Pics nude slim tall twinks Hobbit is very youthful his beard is only just starting to grow in and has nice large brown eyes, making him almost bishie by Dwarf standards and notably, Tauriel, an elf who is surrounded by Pretty Boys among her people, becomes attracted to him.

Neo in The Matrix. The stereotypical pretty-boy taunt comes from Cypher, who mocks Neo's "big pretty eyes. Many vampires in Interview with the Vampire fit in the pretty boy aesthetic with very pale complexion, making them look androgynous.

Tommy Lee Jones was oh so pretty in his younger roles. Luke from Cherrybombto the point where fangirls started suggesting that Rupert Grint's character should get with HIM instead of the female lead, on the basis that "Luke is prettier".

To be fair, the levels of Ho Yay in this movie probably made this reaction unavoidable. Ra in Stargate is supposedly the same entity as the Egyptian god of the Sun. He has very delicate feminine features and wears make-up, including heavy eye-lines. His voice is disturbing and he's creepy as hell. The battered factor even adds to the appeal. Effective Dawson Casting.

Walken was He plays a fragile robot who is almost upgraded to a human being and resembles a doll. In film adaptations of Romeo and JulietRomeo is often played by one, probably Pics nude slim tall twinks help justify why young Juliet would fall so madly in love with him so quickly.

Pics nude slim tall twinks observes "My Uncle Ichabod said, speakin' of the city, 'It ain't no place for a woman, gal, but pretty men go thar. Star Wars : Anakin Skywalker has wide blue eyes, a muscular figure, and sweet boyish looks that make him very attractive.

He uses good looks to impress the slaver queen during the Kadavo Pics nude slim tall twinks, much to Ahsoka's chagrin. Even after getting the beard, he is revealed to still be one when being shaved for his transformation into a more Pics nude slim tall twinks Rako Hardeen. Satine even comments that his beard hides much of his pretty face.

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