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When they made Boxcar Bertha together in the early 70s, Barbara Hershey gave Martin Scorsese a copy of Nikos Kazantzakis' novel "The Last Temptation of Christ," and the director spent the better part of the next 15 years trying to get the film made.

The entire project wasn't without its own fair share of controversy. Scorsese passed off adaptation duties to his Taxi Driver partner Paul Schraderwhose own directing career had taken off in the early Barbara hershey nude last temptation of christ, and inScorsese announced the film as his follow-up to The King of Comedy. Paramount eventually got cold feet and cancelled the film, and Scorsese went on to make After Hours and The Color of Moneybefore finally convincing Universal to give him half his original budget to do Last Temptation as his next film.

The film is shot in just under two months in Morocco, wrapping at the end of and released by the studio in August It was quite literally all you heard about the film. I remember clearly my mother going to see the movie and nine year old me thinking that it was so cool that she got to go see this super controversial movie.

I wanted to see Jesus have sex, for crying out loud, is that so weird for a nine year old? Finally seeing the film several years later on VHS, I finally got to see the controversy for myself. Scorsese teases you early on when Jesus goes to see Mary Magdalene and finds himself waiting in a long line of men who are themselves waiting to see Mary. Unlike Jesus, though, these men aim to pay her for sex. After all her customers leave and Jesus has watched her boink, like, at least thirty dudes, he tries to reason with her and she tries to seduce him The film then more or less follows the story of the gospels up until the crucifixion.

Scorsese delivers what is probably the most brutal depiction of the passion play put on film until that point. He figured he had the R-rating anyway, why not go for it? She tells Jesus that he has passed God's test and, like Abraham before him, he proved himself willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. He can now come down from the cross and live a normal life, like a normal man, just as he always wanted. She brings him to his home where he is to marry Mary Magdalene and live a life of peace.

It is then that we cut to the wedding night, which starts with Mary giving Jesus a rubdown, tending to his wounds, and being the Biblical wife that men at the time craved. They then have very vanilla Barbara hershey nude last temptation of christ, missionary style—appropriately enough—and the entire endeavor last about thirty seconds, just as it would being his first time and all.

Take half a minute to watch Barbara hershey nude last temptation of christ in GIF form As you might have noticed, the angel is there as well, just hanging out while Jesus gets down with his wife. Time becomes fluid at this point and now Mary is pregnant, but she dies before the child is born. The angel informs Jesus once more about one woman with many faces Barbara hershey nude last temptation of christ tells him to check in on Lazarus' sisters Mary and Martha.

Before long, Jesus is basically married to both and has fathered many children. On his death bed, Judas barges in to tell Jesus that he's been deceived. The angel is not an angel but rather the devil, sent to tempt him just before the moment of his death. Jesus repents and we flash back to him on the cross at the moment before his death, the preceding thirty minutes having been the titular "Last Temptation of Christ.

End of movie. So what's the big deal about Barbara hershey nude last temptation of christ sex scene, you wonder?

Well, frankly, I wonder the same god damned thing. It's the same problem that has plagued society since the beginning of entertainment.

A powerful few decide that something is immoral, encourage their followers to paint it with that same brush, and no one actually sits down to see what the creator's intent actually was. There's obviously more to it than the sex scene. The shame is that the people who would most benefit from seeing this concept accurately portrayed are the very same ones who have decided the film is blasphemous without ever laying eyes on it for themselves. Non-nude image courtesy of IMDb.

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