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One just have to be very open minded and appreciate the art and all that the girls put into this movie. If I am uncomfortable watching them, just imagine how they must be making them over and over.

And the answer is no. In Life Adele Abdellatif Kechiche, all scenes of sex are simulated. Interview of the two actresses. Adele, Leah, everyone recognizes that your sex scenes are really hefty. Do you have the funk? Before or during. I wanted this project. I was uncomfortable, embarrassed, but Kiesha kane ebony porn pics was not afraid.

I remember the first time we played these sex scenes. We were taken giggles, embarrassed. Because it never goes so far in movies normally. And there, at public screenings? They were touring yet. But I admit, it was embarrassing. It was … bestial! What does that mean?

You play. And you play it is to look Blue is the warmest color scenes. What question? So sorry to insist, but how does one pretend that the point? Must let his body and find harmony with his partner. Our luck is Abdel left us free. It makes no choreography. But then, there, in what I have seen is immense.

Already, when you did hours of rush, you do not know what the director will keep. I did not know the sex scene lasted 7 minutes, there would be no music.

Then there is our breaths and slam our hands on our buttocks. What is easier: to play a gay or straight scene? We had the same fears, the same concerns and it was easier to share our impressions, our apprehensions. How you prepared? There was a kind of way, huge affection. Had suddenly want to give him everything …. Blue is the warmest color scenes especially wanted to build our relationship, to establish a fair thing between us.

At first it was a little too far. You know why he selected you? He told me he had chosen me because of my mouth and my way of eating. At first he was sizing me really. He watched me eat, we took drinks together and he spoke to me while watching me … He was looking for what kind of girl I was and what I could bring to the role.

Now, if people see something else and it can make things happen … we will not complain. Personally, I think this idea has a lot of validity. And quite frankly, I think sex is one of the many ways we self-regulate our bodies. But it is not the most dynamic. Its not even what necessarily feels best. Much like the missionary position of straight couples. Hell no. It seems appropriate for them to fuck outside of oral sex. There is an excess to the scenes as they have been described, just as there is an excess to the Blue is the warmest color scenes in their relationship.

Kechiche has no responsibility to the lesbian community, he only has responsibility for this one couple. To hold him accountable for a representation of everyone would be a disservice to these characters and this story. His choices seem logical, considering the narrative he is representing. Does that make sense? What, no comments? I wish there had been more sex scenes. I fantasize I am the director and work with these women, mais oui, it would have been a better film!

Well, Heidi, I offer you a comment. I agree that this lovely movie would have been enhanced by the addition of more types of sexual interaction. I kept wanting slow,sensual, open-mouthed kisses, accompanied occasionally by intense eye contact. These are small remarks about what I feel would have made beautiful scenes more beautiful. For the first time, in that scene, they related to each other not just as bodies but as persons; they made eye contact and talked to each other.

Delightful talk it was, too. That scene made me happy. Who knows if anyone reads these comments these days. This movie has affected me in a way I never imagined. I thought it was so realistic for her to turn her body to gaze directly at Emma and want to kiss her. The second sex scene with them underscores the explosive passion was not a one time encounter of exploration.

The third scene shows they have more beyond lust and desire; they share a pure love in which both are invested in committing to each other. The first time I watched it with subtitles, then I had this urgency to immediately watch it after Blue is the warmest color scenes first viewing because I could not process what I just witnessed, felt Blue is the warmest color scenes experienced and how it completely reeled me Blue is the warmest color scenes. It truly shows what falling in love with someone looks like, and exactly what a heartbreak feels like.

Blue is the warmest color scenes perfect. Gosh, my friend recommended me to watch this movie, and it looks wonderful! I really thought the two very intense! She likes boys and girls, but she is disgusted with boys, so she prefers girls. There are three prolonged sex scenes between the two women, and those scenes leave nothing to the imagination.

I suspect you will have never seen anything that explicit. You sound as if you are apprehensive about watching the movie with a friend who prefers girls to boys. That, I believe, is a valid perception. Your decision then is how to respond if Asian porn star tia happens.

You have to decide if your friend is someone with whom you can feel comfortable learning what is true of you. The problem with the film is that they allowed the sex scenes to get too explicit and now, years later, the film is known for its sex scenes and no one knows — nor has any interest Blue is the warmest color scenes — the story. Same goes for the similar Canadian film Below Her Mouth that just came out. Depicting sex is fine but if you push things to the point where the remaining Selfie men big cock Blue is the warmest color scenes so Kim kardashian sexy video the movie are ignored, then you sort of defeat the purpose of your own movie.

Same can apply to some of the other shows that let explicitness overshadow the story. No one knows what Girls is about, or Shameless. Game of Thrones is in that category for a lot of people too and perhaps the writers noticed as they made a point of having no sex scenes at all in the most recent season which ironically became its most acclaimed. To me its showing a relationship that functions sexually and at a basic emotional level in those scenes BUT always has issues beyond that which ultimately result in its failure, you remove the former and I think it would be questionable why this relationship is worth caring about.

As I said in the other sub form I think part of the issue with Blue is that its sex scenes are not showing dysfunction. Just looking to show a healthy sexual relationship between two consenting adults is I think something we tend to be much les comfortable with.

I mean it does clearly look to highlight that these are two very attractive actresses in a highly graphic fashion. Rather than just being voyeuristic titillation though I think this is clearly down with the intension of highlighting how much these encounters mean to the characters.

Indeed I think alot of the films success is just how much currency it gets out of close-ups of Exarchopoulos not only in terms of performance but also in cinematography that communicates so much drama. God, it was terrible. It was acted, directed, produced everything, from a female settrying to give more truth to the female gaze.

I just think your on dodgy ground right from the start trying to make a film along those lines. I Blue is the warmest color scenes to remember Kechiche himself commenting was it on one of the DVD interviews? Again personally I think a lot of the films success is down Blue is the warmest color scenes just how much drama it gets out of its cinematography, the test is that probably half of the film or more is shot in closeup of Exarchopoulos yet this never ends up feeling repetitive or boring for me despite its runtime.

Indeed I think you could argue the film acts rather as a counter to the often rather shallow use of sex not just in pornography but in modern culture generally highlighting how much it can mean with emotional weight behind it.

Before I watched the movie, I saw a promo clip in which the 2 actresses said, they wanted to give lesbians what they wanted and needed, which was more eye contact, sensuality.

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