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The album was highly anticipated and praised by many critics for its ambitious vision. However, it was not as commercially successful as his previous album, Like Water for Chocolateselling undercopies.

An eclectic album, Electric Circus featured fusions of several genres such as hip hoppoprockelectronicand neo soul. It wasn't hip hop.

Common, Chicago Sun-Times interview [2]. Common worked with a large and eclectic number of musicians on Electric Circus. Among them were Mary J. The second Neptunes collaboration on the record, the cross-genre "I Electric wire hustler flower common A Right Ta", is a musical departure from the styles of both artists, and features Pharrell singing the hook in a blues -inspired style. A triumphant sounding Common proclaims himself "the only cat in hip hop that can go into a thrift shopbring that get up to the ghetto and get props ".

The song was placed on the B-Side of "Come Close". The 8 minute-plus Electric wire hustler flower common is a duet between Common and his then-girlfriend Erykah Baduwhich gradually builds up into its cryptic, chanting finale. This song is Common's first all-singing performance. The center-piece of the album, the epic "Heaven Somewhere", features 6 vocalists who all give insight into what their interpretation of Heaven is.

Common's father Lonnie Lynn ends the affair with an introspective look at his ideal place. The album's style tended to divide critics; most praised its ambitious vision while some criticized it for the same reason. Most of the criticism tended to revolve Sunny leone boobs hot photo the album's experimental nature. Some felt Common had strayed too far from his previous sound. Longtime Common fans also viewed his relationship with Erykah Badu as having an overly experimental influence on him, while some critics compared the album to Marvin Gaye 's I Want You and Richard Ashcroft 's Human Conditions[16] both of which were experimental works that initially received mixed criticism.

Official reviews were mostly positive. The 'Electric Circus' could rightly have been called the 'Eclectic Circus' for the unconventional way it tries to combine disparate elements into a cohesive whole. Despite the critical approval, the record debuted at 47 on the Billboard chart, 31 spots lower than Like Water for Chocolate 's highest chart position. With "Come Close" as the only single, the album quickly fell off the charts altogether, and MCA Records halted any further promotion.

Part of the reason for its lack of promotion was MCA's absorption under Geffen Records Electric wire hustler flower common springa mere four months after the Electric wire hustler flower common release. Since both labels were under the Universal Music GroupCommon's record contract would be carried over to Geffen, but the handling of Electric Circus an already under-performing album was neglected.

The lack of promotion may have also led to onlycopies being sold based on Nielsen SoundScan statistics. In a interview concurrent with the release of The Roots ' album Game TheoryQuestlove, the album's executive producer, maintained that Common's relationship with Erykah Badu had little influence on the album and stated that the greater influence was the recording atmosphere at the famous Electric Lady Studios built by Jimi Hendrix and the group of artists that Electric wire hustler flower common was collaborating with at the time:.

The album's cover appears to be a nod to " Midnight Marauders ", the third studio album by American hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest, released on November 9, Also, The Beatles ' album Sgt.

Electric wire hustler flower common Lonely Hearts Club Bandanother work known for its experimental nature. The images a mixture of known personalities, personal friends, and family of the artist represent those directly or indirectly involved in, or influential to the making of the album.

The 87 people depicted in the photos are:. Writing credits by Allmusic. By Allmusic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a music album. For other uses, see Electric Circus disambiguation. Questlove also exec.

Common exec. Derek Dudley exec. James Poyser also assoc. J Dilla also assoc. The label hadn't heard my music until I got near the end of the album. At one point it was like 'yo, man, you departed so far from the last album Lynn James Yancey Thompson Poyser. J Dilla? Lynn Pharrell Williams Chad Hugo. Lynn Thompson Poyser Yancey. Blige Badu. Retrieved February 5, Archived from the original on October 14, Retrieved Retrieved February Electric wire hustler flower common, Blender 13 : Retrieved June 10, Entertainment Weekly.

The Guardian. Archived from the original on October 11, Retrieved October 8, Q : February Rolling Stone. The Village Voice. Stylus Magazine. Retrieved on Stylus Magazine Retrieved on Archived from the original on June 27, Archived from the original on January 22, Archived from the original on September 27, Discography Songs Awards and nominations.

Can I Borrow a Dollar? Wanted: Weapons of Fate Terminator Salvation. Hell on Wheels. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hip Electric wire hustler flower commonalternative hip hop. Like Water for Chocolate Electric Circus Be A [7]. B [15]. So, is this genius or is this madness? Marvin Gaye tried it. Richard Ashcroft tried it. One of them did a fantastic job, the other did not. Common sits somewhere between the two.

Very, very odd. To understand that record is to understand the history of what Electric Lady Studios was to this whole Soulquarian unit. Pretty much Vocaloid yaoi kaito x akaito left of center of hip-hop was using that place as much more than a studio.

That place was like a clubhouse: you'd [go] even if you didn't have a session, just hopin' somethin' would come up. Lynn Poyser Yancey. Poyser J Dilla. Lynn Williams Hugo.

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