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For future posts, I'd like to see pictures of you and your new ugly girlfriend! Talk the talk, but must walk the walk ;p.

I almost didn't even read this one. You just about lost me in the first 20 words, but because I like you, I kept up and you pulled it together. Kev, you have to get out more to Entourage sex and the city this whole blog thing back together again!

For clarification, I didn't say that I was going to abide by this arcane idea. Why you dirty little snake! Margaret - you're no longer my best friend of my friend's friends. I am hurt by your last comment. In fact, I'm downright emotional. I'm going to watch Sex and the City again tonight by Entourage sex and the city with a box of tissues.

I can't believe that this is written by Kevin Leu. My Entourage sex and the city almost broke into thousand piece while I was reading this. Well, since you killed so many brain cells to write such touch topic, let me give you a little advice. The most intelligent man is the one who knows when Entourage sex and the city stop.

Beauty will disappear in time. Only caring and wisdom will appreciate with time. Decide what you want. Not a bad post at all beside from what the anonymous homophobic dumbass above me says! I think you are making some good points and Entourage sex and the city though I am a big fan of 'Entourage', I acknowledge your thoughts on the show. Not because I think its a gay thing to do, but just because I really don't wan't to. Your hotness ratings are off.

Now 6's and 7's or what we like to call "cute" girls will date ugly men no problem. I don't know. I've always hear in those cases he nabbed her!?!

You never really hear, "she nabbed him?!?! Sometimes it's hard for sincerity to come through in text, but I am touched. Thank you. And I'm so very happy for you. Women only date down on the Richter scale 9 woman with 7 man, Hva er egenskaper byll i underlivet. Looks aren't everything, but they are something.

Men need to step up their game, especially in Silicon Valley land of the fugly dudes. Silicon Valley Bachelor by email:. Home About Us. So I watched Sex and the City the Movie this last weekend - my coworker said I had Entourage sex and the city World naked bike ride nudist pics in my man card - I quickly changed the subject, thus keeping my card. Anyway, besides a bit of candid female conversation that was a bit laborious, I found the movie to be pretty darn good.

It was a touching piece of female friendship, camaraderie, and comfort. A level of comfort that is missing in male relationships disguised by machismo, bravado, and homophobia. One thing that caught my attention at the conclusion, was that 3 out of the 4 guys the women of Sex were with, were less than average, at least in television standards. This didn't necessarily bother me, but I've grown accustomed to seeing dizzying good looks in love interests on the big screen. I asked my Entourage sex and the city Karen, who said that one of the themes of the show was exactly that, looks are not that important.

I sat back and thought about this far-off and ludicrous idea for a moment, before deciding Entourage sex and the city Sex and the City was on to something!

If you look out into the world of women on the richter scales of 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s because, let's face it - those are the only ones we're checking out - they are absolutely almost always with guys who are below them on the scales.

I hardly ever see a really good looking guy with a girl who isn't a knockout. You know why? Our dating pleasures are infinitely defined by the machismo I described above and by our viewing habits. I know of very few guys who don't care about what his male friends think about his girlfriend. Entourage sex and the city must always date 'hot' - or above our means. We watch shows like Entourage the supposedly male version of Sex and the Citywhere no hot women means we stop tuning in.

The whole show is built around men who are living a life that the common man can only dream about. This is one of the reasons that guys get older Translate femal masturbation to spanish older before they want to settle down. We're too busy 'chasin' the dream! Just look at your television screen. There's a great country song actually female sungthat goes, "Just as soon as I get what I want, I get unsatisfied.

Good is good, but could be better. I keep looking, I keep looking for, I keep looking for something more. Men could use a show like Sex and the City, or at least one character on Entourage that is going out with a girl who is less than attractive but sweet, caring, smart and wonderful.

The character would almost definitely get grief from his friends, but the tune would change when they see the level of engagement, depth of character, humor, warmth, and self deprecation Entourage sex and the city, quite often, is Entourage sex and the city from some of our "hottest" women.

It would be a shocking revelation for them to find out, and for many of us at home, that 'looks aren't that important' - a previously unexplored realm for a 'guy' show. A male show would fail if 'looks aren't important' were the central theme. Man cards would be repossessed by the boatloads. So as Sex and the City has told us, it must be a subtle message -a subtle message, but an important one that a generation of males are in desperate need of. Share this:. About Author. Kevin Leu. Emily October 15, at PM.

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