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Luckily, social taboos that once surrounded butt stuff are far less prevalent. No longer met with a grimace, more people than ever are deciding to give some love to the rump. Though not restricted to penetrative acts alone, anal play—which can include sucking, kissing, and massaging—is great for stimulating the many nerves around the anus. But with greater sensation means more sensitivity. The anus is one of the most delicate regions of the body and if it is not treated with Guide to anal play loving care necessary, the results could be…messy.

Before getting busy with your booty, Playboy lists how to properly ready yourself or your partner for penetration:. Pass plumper emma bailey dinner is served to try some butt stuff with your partner? Have a conversation about it first. Since everyone has varied sexual histories and experiences, what may seem fun to you could be a no-go for your partner, so get their explicit consent first.

Discuss your motivations for wanting to go there. Both of you need to be all in, Gunsaullus says, in order to ensure the level of comfort and relaxation required for a pleasurable anal experience. If broaching the topic gives you butterflies, sex therapist Vanessa Marin suggests introducing the Guide to anal play by mentioning you read an article on anal play and it piqued your interest.

As the old adage goes, practice makes perfect. Hang out there, put a little pressure, relax. Try Guide to anal play in the shower, Marin suggests, taking advantage of the relaxing bathing experience, warm water, and the easy cleanup.

Put a little soap on your finger and clean both the outside area and inside the anus to ensure no stray fecal matter gets left behind, Gunsaullus recommends. Experts agree to skip the enema. And remember, this is sex: There are many bodily fluids involved. Just inside the anus are the internal and external anal sphincters.

Still, you can help relax the internal sphincter through deep breaths and repose. The internal sphincter is incredibly strong and is Guide to anal play blame for the, ahem, misplacement of objects in the rectum, Marin says. This is why lube is essential. Experts recommend longer-lasting, thicker silicone-based lubes, touting brands like Sliquid, Pjur, and Astroglide. As for toys, try some well-lubed anal beads, thin, high-grade silicone dildos and small butt plugs.

Start with a well-lubed pinky finger and work up to a larger toy or penis. Be patient: It could take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes just to warm up, Gunsaullus notes. If the receiver is experiencing Guide to anal play pain or discomfort, toys or body parts should be slowly removed.

Pairing anal play with Guide to anal play or nipple stimulation or engaging in dirty talk can heighten the experience all around. Rather than go straight for doggie style, Gunsaullus recommends the receiver lay on their back and hike their hips up or prop them up with pillows for easier access. Having wet wipes nearby is great for when you want to move from anal play to other forms of penetration. Ultimately, butt stuff is a hell of a good time, but it does require a bit of groundwork.

So wise up, prep, and play on. A Guide to Anal Play. Written by Allie Volpe. Sexuality in Conversation. Communication Is Key.

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