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Guest over a year ago. Kevin B over a year ago. What you're describing, needing to wait for a while before you can go again, is totally normal. It's called a refractory period and it's the reason it's basically impossible for men to experience multiple orgasmsejaculatory orgasms anyway. I wouldn't make multiple orgasms my goal. Why not try to last longer instead? That way you get the pleasure of arousal for longer without aiming for the impossible.

You can take a break every now and then, let your arousal levels slow down a bit, and then start again. Then, just accept the limitations of your body and go again when you can go Multiple cums in vagina. JustMe over a year ago.

Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago well when i masterbate i last a pretty good while but when i ejaculate, i have to wait a while before i can go again. In fact, I've only heard of a few men who can actually do it I'm a guy by the way lol.

I've only done it a couple of times, but I can do it. Usually its when I'm really turned on to the point where my Most times, when men have multiple orgasms, they don't have multiple ejaculations, but rather only one ejaculation and multiple orgasms from what I'm told. The times I did have multiple orgasms, I did have multiple ejaculations without getting even the slightest bit soft. My girlfriend wants to see if I can pull it off when we first have sex together.

Kevin B over a year ago What you're working up against is the refractory period, where the body has to recharge, and the muscles relax before they Multiple cums in vagina fire again.

You can improve your stamina and shorten the period just a bit by increasing the level of oxygen in your blood and therefore, being carried to the prostate and genitals by breathing deeply. But be careful not to hyperventilate, which is when you get light-headed from too much oxygen at one time So don't be doing this as you stand alone. Each man will have a different period of time it takes before he can experience another ejaculation.

The refractory period is somewhat a fixed thing, and that's why most men have the reputation that once they come, that's it Multiple cums in vagina the night. But it's not exactly true Guest over a year ago What you're describing, needing to wait for a while before you can go again, Multiple cums in vagina totally normal. Guest over a year ago It's easy Guest over a year ago When i am ready to cum, i can stop If I stop rite away, and dont shoot all of my load at once, I will like kinda shoot a Multiple cums in vagina times, then stop It feels soo good to do it this way.

But I dont think very many guys know about it. I have Multiple cums in vagina it like 5 times before, and its better then regular orgasms. One time, i got so much to come out, I wasd like wooo Have Multiple cums in vagina ever tried stimulating your prostate? I can cum without ejaculating, and it feels so way good. Just wondering. Guest over a year ago i can ejaculate multiple times with basically no refractory period, but im sixteen and i have premature ejaculation.

This counters out my premature ejaculation, but i was wondering if i might gain a refractory period with age. Guest over a year ago I've found that if I remove stimulation right before ejaculation, I can continue stimulation right after ejaculation finishes, up to 5 times. That said, I've also ejaculated inside my girlfriend, remained inside her, then stimulated to ejaculation again although I've only been able to ejaculate twice in a row.

Really, I think it's all in your head; you're told there's a refractory period, but if you disregard that idea, you can continue stimulation to ejaculation without losing erection. Guest over a year ago As a male who can have multiple orgasm in one session of sex without having to stop once so ever, I would like to explain Multiple cums in vagina it's like and the differences.

First, after the first and initial orgasm. It's an intense feeling and MOST males have to stop after this point where there partner is satisfied or not, I and some other males on the other Multiple cums in vagina simply slow down a moment Not stop, and I only slow down for about seconds Before resuming.

If so, do Multiple cums in vagina and see what happens. I've tried to have sex after ejaculating only to be overwhelmed by the super sensitivity of my wood and or it's rapid decay to being a twig. One night a pissed after, and to my surprise I still had wood without the wood sensitivity after cumming. Since then, that's how I can have multiple ejaculations in one sitting.

I think of it like firing a semi auto hand gun. You can't shoot off another round without clearing the last shell from the chamber.

The only problem is you can only piss so many times, so Multiple cums in vagina some pints close by. Nothing makes us piss liters like pints. Don't drink and drive! Drink and ride. Guest over a year ago if u stay in while u com it is hard to stay up for a secound round but if u pull out whipe and go back in Multiple cums in vagina can Multiple cums in vagina many times i range from 2 to 4 times just have to keep interested in the girl or think about another one lol.

JustMe over a year ago Although at age 17 I once had 28 orgasms in a row while masturbating, I was never able to maintain my erection between them in my youth. Not until I was around age 35, when I began being able to have second orgasms during coitus without losing my erection. Around ten years later, that number increased to three. I've never been able to get all the way to four without losing my erection in between. And yes, I do ejaculate each time.

The second orgasm, as one poster has said, is the best. The third is a usually a lot of work, but also usually worth it. Unfortunately at around age 60, my ability to have multiple consecutive orgasms suddenly disappeared. I keep hoping to regain the ability. During my age 17 marathon, I was always able to ejaculate at least a little bit, if only a drop. I don't recall which gave out first -my penis or my right arm. I must have been in much better shape then, and able to orgasm more quickly.

I could never get past three now without exhausting my arm. Of course, I don't get the degree of regular right arm exercise as I did then, doing it several times a day. It's much better having real sex with a real woman, especially if it's also several times a day. Guest over a year ago You just described what happened to me. I couldn't stop wondering how is that possible since that time I had 5 ejaculations in a row, and that's why I searched on Google which lead me here.

Anyway, my symptoms were exactly the same. I don't know for sure, but I guess only a very small percentage can experience it the way we have. I guess we can conclude that it is very uncommon, but you certainly aren't the only one :.

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