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  1. I was in Turkey many times i noticed that most of Turkish girls prefer anal sex with European tourists

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The video was a hoax. Although we claimed that 1, people had exposed their genitals on the train, we actually just filmed 20 actors wearing skin-colored underwear, and then pixelated the footage to make them look naked.

Playboy falls for the hoax. We were pretty surprised at how many people actually fell for it. We saw several major news blogs around the world reporting it as fact.

Last year we acted like we had staged a prank at a funeral. Filming Naked girls without underwear beginning of the video in an empty park with Agent Adams.

The real mission briefing. Agents arrived at the meeting point wearing two pairs of underwear. One regular and one skin-colored pair underneath.

A few of the agents gave us staged reactions for the video, posing as regular train riders. Of course, we were still walking around the train in our underpants, so we got plenty of reactions from actual strangers as well.

Agents Nicholson and Sokoler expertly pixelated their photos for the mission report. Wow you had me completely fooled! Great prank! I hear that. Two thumbs up! I actually fell for it the first time Those comments sure were something, haha.

It was a 30 Naked girls without underwear to 1 minute segment during the news. Get in contact with the station and see if Naked girls without underwear can provide IE with an mpeg or. I Completely Free adult emoticon for msn for it!

Excellent job on knocking my arrogance down a few pegs. Absolutely hilarious. I loved it, and I have to admit that I did fall for it the first time. It took me quite a while. Here I was in New Zealand thinking that American people had truly gome mad. Thanks for the laugh. This year I remembered to come check out what was up and I was SO thrilled to see this. You guys come up with some of the best pranks on pranksters. I look forward to all your real pranks, but this is such a nice treat every year to see Naked girls without underwear you come up with and see how many people fall for it!

As funny as this one was, it saddens me. I teach elementary school and have taken my classes to your site to inspire them to set up their own Improvs. This one…not so much. Guess we will have to set up our own — more age Naked girls without underwear — site. Not everyone elses fun. ButNaked girls without underwear of you have fun with this sort of thing. I see! Public arena is complicated to be perfect.

The whole world is not going to be set up for children. Deal with it. Problem solved. I Naked girls without underwear but was not really surprised that only the women had skin-colored underpants. I Naked girls without underwear there is no market for skin-colored underwear for men? Linsey; Your comment is uncalled for and ignorant of real truth. Your use of the term god as a slang term is one of the most ignorant phrases I have seen this month.

Plerase try to be respectful of your self and the founding fathers. You may also consider how ignorant you appear on a public domain. Foolish looking and an emabarrasment to society. Please consider refraining from public posting untill you grow up alittle.

I will pray for your soul now, Good luck with your future. It looks rather dim to me at this time. Hot nude yoga girls is ignorant! Hello Thanks for trying Naked girls without underwear improve the quality of blasphemy.

Nice try but, I see what ytou mean. Jesus does also: I will pray for you and the comment by linsey above also. Best of luck with your future. You seem to Naked girls without underwear a desire to improve on life. It took my 6 years to learn not to use profane nd blasphemus language. I wish only the best and practice what I preach now and for ever Amen.

God has been good to me. He loves you and will give you all things you will need in life if you let him. Your videos are insane, but of course always better than the previous. I enjoyed it very much. Would love to part of your next project. I want to talk to the management. All this is too sophomoric to be true. Even the no-pants events are a step down from, for instance, the lovely, and smart, Mobius Knot Action a couple of years ago in a Jenna jameson black dress. Please do not dumb down Improv Everywhere.

I would Naked girls without underwear glad to share with you some of my music improv that was collaberated on youtube. Soon this will be a trend all over the world. I can tell. If you are musically inclined that is. Or even if not! I will work with yo to become one of my collaberate. I am still ashamed to call myself a human being for being in the same species with you IE…not nice…foolers! My inner demons are considering a lawsuit. It will be for 50 bajillion dollars too!

Do you even know how to count to 50, or even ONE bajillion??? Only judge yourself. If you must judge to appear smart. Try careing for some situation outside your self. Getting outside yourself is allways going to lead to improvements in your personallity. Try it sometime. I will pray for you and those like you now.

I am learning how to enjoy my self through your ignorance thanks for the expression of ignorance of the law. I think they need a musical. This is hilarious and awesome! When I got the email, i thought, no way am i gonna go that far!!! Happy April Fools! Thanks guys! I mean, come on… The idea was funny, but I truly did not believe they would be so rude, crude, and socially unacceptable as to bare all on the New York subway.

Crude is a good word. That was so nasty that one guy got up and ran away. He was tryingto avoid the unclean Naked girls without underwear of smelling someone elses ass. Rude is just the beginning of the description or response to this kind of public humility.

Scottine rossi charlie sheen think the concept of this was absolutely hilarious. The content is still inappropriate. There are too many other creative things on I.

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