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The Q. Joshua Gallander. In MTO's defense they never said it was Whiteboy. However, those who wanted to ruffle my feathers mentioned him several times. The MTO reader who sent the the link informed them the video was taken a few months ago. A few to me is 3, if that is the accurate date of the taping of the video it is NOT New York in my opinion.

I was wrong for not going to check out MTO for their actual story. If I think they lie on occasion or get their facts twisted that's my opinion. This post before I edited it New york tiffany pollard sex tape an untruth. I typed a lie. It was not my intentions but I did none the New york tiffany pollard sex tape. If it can happen to me I imagine it happens to MTO too.

I stand by my earlier opinion based on it being taped a few months ago. Thanks for your comment TishiePoo. You made me go and look at MTOs actual post. Come on folks, MTO can be more proper than that! Credit: Jayne, Jugy. I'm glad you guys think that's not her. Personally I think the girl is too thin to be her and if it's from 2 months ago like those no life having liars claim then why the hell doesn't she have black hair.

Oh and I think the breasts are a little small and too still to be hers anyway. I am unaware of what exactly the Media Take Out story is; I didn't go. However, my e-mail was busy with individuals asking me about it. So I posted my opinion on it. NO WAY! It may be a white boy or man but it's not my Swagger Man.

First off, MTO never said that was Whiteboy or that it was two months ago. Anybody can go on their site and New york tiffany pollard sex tape that. They said a reader sent them a video claiming he met New York at a Miami club a few months ago and taped it. They also said they weren't sure if she knew it was taping. As far as her weight goes, New Yorks weight goes up and down all the time. As far as her hair goes, anybody knows weave comes in different colors.

Some people can afford to get their hair done all the time, so for you to call MTO liars is wrong. The guy is not whiteboy but New york tiffany pollard sex tape you take the music away and zoom in on the movie then you will get Lesbian trib squirting orgasm answer. Using another movie media does wonder. I don't visit Mediatakeout, but wtf is their deal? Why direct all this energy, and obviously fake bullshit, towards the relationship status of a reality tv diva and her harmless bf?

It's crossed the line into the realm of the utterly pathetic. Y'all can have your opinions. Y'all can type in circles.

If the timeline is off I still don't think it's New York. TishiePoo thanks again for your comment. My post has been corrected. Dayum MTO, was there any real audio. I don't need a soundtrack to a sex video. The piece was kind of blurry but it looks like her. Just look at how the fake t! I would have to say its her or a dayum close look alike.

Are we really surprised? New York is a skank anyway. A real sex tape would have been Sister Patterson and the midget or Pretty having a 3some with Buddah and Punk. I don't think it's her. The video is of very bad quality, and I think that is on purpose. If homeboy wanted to make a tape of a famous person, it seems that he would have gotten a high quality camcorder so that he could sell it for big bucks Ray J LOL because you can't sell this crap anywhere.

All you can see is a White man with a nice one, a Black woman with big boobs and weave, but that's all anyone can attest to. It's too blurry. Very New york tiffany pollard sex tape resolution. It's not her. Her breast in ILNY were natural, smaller and spaced farther apart, and that's woman's breasts are clearly implants.

I looked for and slowed down the image, there in NO tattoo on that woman's New york tiffany pollard sex tape breast. The woman's features are not even as pronounced as New York's.

Supposedly, this tape is within the last few months. I also looked for her ankles, which also has a tattoo, that was also out the shot in his version. Wouldn't it have been wiser to get a longer, or at least an edited version, with all her identifying marks, so that there wouldn't be any reason for us to doubt the legitimacy of the identity of the person in the video?

I know it's not New York within the last "few" months, since she was heavier, even in the Recap episode 11 of ILNY2 and for the red carpet walk for "This Christmas" premier. I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that. Something told me not to click that link, but I'm Tumblr african sex videos. That is not I repeat Whomever the guy is that leaked that tape should be ashamed.

He shouldn't be so proud to have people witnessing his lack of skills. Shawn what are we supposed to be zooming in on to get our answer? Could you just tell us, because I'm not trying to be Sherlock Holmes looking at that hot mess again.

Oh, Btw anon pm. Ewww, just ewww. That is not New York. It is no coincidence that as the lady's face is about be clearly shown as she turns that it ends. Why did MTO add the music? That would def. Some more proof that they are trying to hide that its not her.

New York has a tattoo on her left breast. The girl in the video do not have a tattoo on her left breast. It seem like ever since New York start dating Tailor Made, everyone wants to find fault in their relationship.

Thanks for this! I don't want my opinion tainted. Thanks for all the love! Their acutal articles may steer away from blantly lying, however their headlines often assert the lies.

MTO is just what the site says it is. Junk blogging. That is clearly not NY. That's another tranny. Thats not her. First of all MediaTakeout posts fake stuff all the time just to get hits. Like: 1. That story New york tiffany pollard sex tape never checked out true or been reported anywhere else but MediaTakeout. Beyonce's shirt flying up during tour was fake, they posted that blurry video and all along she had a skin colored bra on.

Bull again. Much more fake crap from MediaTakeout I don't remember.

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