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Kaden and his wife Brittany started dating as teenagers, when they both worked at a restaurant in Rochester. At first they were just close friends, sharing details of their lives in frequent conversations. Then love began to blossom. Six years later, Kaden and Brittany are married and living in Strafford County.

They assumed legal guardianship of Joshua because his parents are unable to take care of him right now. In addition to raising their family, Kaden, 24, and Brittany, 22, are both continuing their education.

Brittany is applying to local colleges to work with special needs high school students. Kaden is studying healthcare administration and psychology through online courses at Ashford University.

Their joys and struggles are similar to those of other young families—balancing studies and childrearing, maintaining financial stability, finding time to socialize with friends. But they have faced unique challenges because Kaden is transgender. He began his transition when he was Kaden was working at a local hotel where an employee familiar with his family began gossiping about him being transgender.

The chatter resulted in a co-worker asking Kaden—in the presence of another co-worker—a very inappropriate question about his anatomy, using vulgar terminology. A stunned Kaden reported the interaction to his manager, who allowed him to leave work early that day. There was no substantive follow-up with Kaden afterward, nor was the offending employee disciplined. He left the job a few months later under unrelated circumstances. At a Nh wife rate tumblr job, a co-worker who learned Nh wife rate tumblr is transgender outed Kaden to his manager, violating his privacy.

Brittany worked at a large collection agency, alongside friends and family members who knew Kaden is transgender. One day, a supervisor and another employee approached Brittany at her desk—where she kept a photo of Kaden—and commented on how young he looked. After walking away, the supervisor told the employee that Kaden is transgender. That same employee later approached Brittany on more than one occasion asking questions of Nh wife rate tumblr sexual nature about her and Kaden.

Kaden feels that to advance laws that protect transgender people from discrimination, Nh wife rate tumblr first need to learn more about the transgender community. His passion is civil rights law; he would like to be an advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT people. Mason lives in Hooksett with his wife of four years, Lauren Willford, a sign language interpreter for a local school district.

Mason came out as transgender around and spent the next several years exploring his more masculine gender identity.

While his life has improved because of his gender transition, he still faces difficulties in New Hampshire. Mason is also concerned that there is a great deal of ignorance in New Hampshire Nh wife rate tumblr the transgender community. Yet Mason remains hopeful that with education, greater acceptance will come. Visit the link to read and share these stories with your family, friends, neighbors and legislators, or to share your own story.

You can also request a free copy Hot actress nude images the book. Sharing our stories is how we change hearts and minds. Thank you Nh wife rate tumblr If you have any questions, use our ask link aboveor visit our facebook or twitter pages to your right. Home Website. TG-NH provides resources, community building, educational programs and advocacy to assist transgender NH residents, as well as significant others, friends, families, allies and helping professionals.

Our primary goal at TG-NH is to foster acceptance for trans-identified people and to help celebrate the diversity of all gender expressions. Facebook Twitter Search Posts. Recent Tweets transgenderNH. Aug 31, am 11, notes trans gender binary gender ftm mtf genderqueer transgender lgbtq lgbt. Aug 22, pm 23 notes ftm mtf transgender equal rights equality trans lgbt lgbtq new hampshire New England.

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