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I love your cock baby. I wanna suck it all day and night And fuck it too of course. My girlfriend, former pornstar turned comedienne, Alia Janine was sucking my big cock Oprah winfrey anal sex the way down her throat, gobbling it down, grinning wide at me, her tongue washing all over my cock and balls. Alia took her mouth off of my cock to wrap her perfect 34G tits around my thick 10 inches and pumped it with them.

I smoked my blunt and smiled, enjoying every fucking second of that big titty cock blanket. Alia pumped my cock slowly It felt so ridiculously good. I handed her the blunt. She puffed hard and passed it back to me. She slowly blew the smoke all over my twitching cock. Alia is a very talented cock whisperer and she was whispering real fucking good Oprah winfrey anal sex over my Oprah winfrey anal sex. Her eyes were locked on mine as she turned her head sideways and softly bit my shaft.

She licked slowly up my shaft Hairy hot old man daddys sex xxx softly bit the head as well. I was loving her work and she knew it.

Alia laughed, winking at me. She deepthroated my thick shaft all the way down, licking my big balls, my whole cock wedged in her throat. Her saliva oozed out, onto my balls. She lapped it up, sucking my big balls so hard, but so slowly as well.

She bobbed her head on my cock, Black hairy bush pussy tumblr throat stretched so wide. I pumped my jizz right down her throat. She swallowed every single drop happily. She massaged my balls as I dumped my cum down her throat. It's my new diet Alia sucked me dry, those beautiful eyes focused right on mine, her mouth was stretched so wide around my head, her tongue expertly licking the underside of my head.

I handed her the blunt again. She puffed twice and exhaled Then she puffed hard again and blew it all over Oprah winfrey anal sex happy cock. The warm smoke feeling so fucking Oprah winfrey anal sex, tingling my cock and balls.

Alia rode me, her 34G natural tits so big in my big hands. I squeezed them as Alia rode Ranger bob adult comics Oprah winfrey anal sex lustful gusto, bouncing hard on my rock hard cock.

I love my girl's huge tits. I have my hands on them all the time. I rubbed her perfect, hard nipples with my thumbs and roughly groped those awesome funbags so happily. Alia's ass slammed down on my thighs, Oprah winfrey anal sex neatly trimmed snatch engulfing and wrapping tight around my rampaging cock, taking it in and working it perfectly, every time she bounced on it.

I slapped her huge cans, squeezing them roughly. She leaned down and we kissed deeply. I smacked her sexy ass Alia moaned. I squeezed it, shaking it, smacking it again.

Alia's lips tasted so sweet, her huge tits rubbing on my chest. My cock flew wildly up that gorgeous cunt. Alia moaned loudly into my mouth. Alia squirted insanely hard, all over my cock and out of the sides of her cunt, covering my balls and dripping out onto the leather sofa. Alia screamed in delight, into my mouth, as I came hard up her cunt. My cock jolted wave after wave of cum up her sexy, soaking wet snatch.

I smacked her sweet ass again. Alia laughed and smiled as we kissed. Alia and I were relaxing, doing a couple of lines of blow, when my other girlfriend, Oprah Winfrey came in. We all live together. It's like big titty heaven, living with the two of them. Oprah winfrey anal sex Alia. I fucking loved it. Oprah came over, leaned down and kissed me. I reached up and groped her huge titties in her tight white sweater. I love Oprah's tits and lips Both are so fucking perfect.

I finally flashed him so he would go away. Oprah took off her sweater and white blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra and I watched those huge ebony melons jiggle as she walked to me. She took off her tight jeans and white thong and sat on the sofa next to Alia and I.

We kissed. Those luscious thick lips so delicious on mine. I played Oprah winfrey anal sex her tits with my left hand and smacked Alia's ass with my right. Oprah and Alia kissed, playing with each other's awesome, natural tits. I poured some blow on Oprah's right tit and snorted it. I licked it clean and sucked greedily on her world famous tits. I alternated between them, sucking so mercilessly hard on my girlfriend's huge tits. Oprah and I have been together for about a year.

Alia has been living with us In Chicago and LA Oprah pulled my cock out of Alia's cunt and bent over, sucking it down easily. My woman is one of the best cocksuckers ever and she proved it once again. She Oprah winfrey anal sex my huge, white meat with superb ease, opening her throat, letting it slide down, no gagging whatsoever.

Oprah sucked me voraciously and hungrily. Her perfect, thick, red lips wrapped tightly around my white shaft. Her lipstick left red trails all over my cock as she expertly sucked on my huge manmeat. Oprah jerked my shaft with her left hand as she deepthroated me repeatedly. I closed my eyes and groaned. Oprah tickled Oprah winfrey anal sex big, throbbing balls, knowing how much I loved her oral talents.

I played with her ebony melons, squeezing them so hard. Oprah winfrey anal sex kissed me and rubbed her 34G's all over my chest. I was in sexual heaven. I just smiled. Oprah continued engulfing my white cock with those perfect, luscious lips She bobbed her head quickly on my shaft, her pace speeding up even more, getting faster and faster. My whole white cock devoured by my woman's gorgeous black mouth. I popped my nut into her mouth, pumping my jizz rapidly in her succulent mouth.

Oprah swallowed every drop with a big smile on her face, moaning so fucking sexy, gulping down my entire load.

A few minutes later Alia and Oprah had changed places, Oprah now rode my throbbing, rock hard white manmeat, while Alia sat on Indian free sex pics right side rubbing my chest and softly biting my nipples. I reached up Oprah winfrey anal sex squeezed Oprah's world famous, huge, black tits as she bounced happily and hard on my, hard as steel, white cock. Oprah licked her full lips Oprah winfrey anal sex rode me like a champ.

Her huge tits felt so fucking good in my big, white hands. I squeezed them and shook them hard, rubbing her thick, dark nipples with my thumbs. I sucked Alia's huge white tits as she stuffed them in my mouth. They taste so delicious and I went to town sucking them as hard as possible. Alia hugged my head to her big ass titties. Oprah slammed down on my cock over and over. I fucking love her pussy

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