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One of the simplest ways to relieve menstrual cramps is also one of the most embarrassing for many women to talk about. It does not require medication and its effect is felt almost immediately. Orgasm has been known Nude amateur couple sex relieve menstrual cramps for many years, but the news still comes as a surprise to many women.

It seems there should be some discussion about exactly how and why it works, so that women can understand the science behind Orgasm helps menstrual cramps may be the most effective treatment for menstrual cramps they will find. The uterus is a muscle, and just like other muscles in your body, different things can cause it to cramp. When you have your period, your uterus is flooded with chemicals called prostaglandins, which come from the uterine lining as it begins to break down.

These chemicals cause the uterus to contract, which makes the lining continue to break down and begin to be squeezed out of the body through the cervix. When clots or tissue get lodged in the cervix, menstrual cramps get really intense. Normal menstrual cramps should be easy to treat with ibuprofen and a heating Orgasm helps menstrual cramps, but some women suffer from severe cramps, known as dysmenorrhea. Many of these women also suffer from heavy bleeding, known as menorrhagia.

Women with conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids and polyps, Orgasm helps menstrual cramps, or women over age 35 have a greater chance of heavy bleeding and severe cramps, often accompanied by large, painful clots. During my years working with the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association, the question of how to relieve severe cramps was by far one of the most often asked, and when orgasm was mentioned as a therapeutic treatment, women were consistently surprised.

Orgasm works in a number of ways to relieve severe menstrual Orgasm helps menstrual cramps. First, the uterus relaxes and tilts prior to orgasm, and blood flow increases to that part of the body. Both of these effects can help relieve cramps. Second, the physical response of the cervix at the moment of orgasm helps to dislodge clots. The cervix is designed to open a bit and Adult gorillas live alone rhythmically during orgasm down into a space where a pool of semen would collect during intercourse.

This Orgasm helps menstrual cramps motion helps draw sperm into the cervical opening increasing the chances of pregnancy. The orgasm response can also immediately force a clot out of the cervical opening, relieving pain at the source and allowing uterine cramps to Orgasm helps menstrual cramps. Finally, orgasm relieves menstrual pain through the release of endorphins, the hormones that naturally relieve pain.

Exercise can cause a release of endorphins, too, and certain medications can produce similar results, but orgasm floods your brain with chemicals like oxytocin and vasopressin, and these natural chemicals help you instantly feel better.

The endorphins may also help you go right to sleep, which extends the relief from menstrual pain even longer. Skip to main content One of the simplest ways to relieve menstrual cramps is also one of the most embarrassing for many women to talk about. What are menstrual cramps? Why do some women have worse cramps? How does orgasm relieve severe cramps?

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