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This is something that just popped up in my mind at some point. Things have a habit of popping up and some of them are worth writing about. All different, all special, all good.

Naturists are, as far as I know, very much aware of their bodies. That has nothing to do with shame but the mere fact that we know our body. Or fall. Name it as you want. Naturists in the northern hemisphere are wearing more clothes.

I feel those layers of fabric. Still, despite knowing all that, it sometimes is as if my body revolts against that stuff. As if I am not made for those wrappings. Heck, at times I feel like a mummy, especially when I have to bend or squat down to pick something up. Those are the clothes. I, for one, am looking forward to the next warm days of spring and the next summer.

One of the categories for this post is Nanowrimo. The joys of nude living you know what that is, glory to you. I think it is going well, The joys of nude living it as slow as with the first book. Mysteries are hard to write for me because a lot of mysterious things happen duh and they have to fit and work on all sides.

Two big things for Sheila and Jeremy are: Canada and Vacation. And then there is a story I once started and never thought would get any traction or serious word counts. Well, how wrong can you be. If you know anyone called John, pay attention. There might be more to John than you think. Of course most Johns are not like this one, but still….

This particular story will be bought by Marvel as it is about superheroes. Four of them. Marvel will make it a huge hit and that will make me disgustingly rich and adorably famous.

Well, that is the plan, at least. You may The joys of nude living surprised The joys of nude living I sometimes think about non-naturist things. Each time the ungalactic overlords start messing with the clock, I have problems for at least a week, and that can stretch up to 2 weeks.

Time warping should be left to experts like Dr Who, or the people who invented the Time Tunnel who remembers that series? Here in the Netherlands we move back a week before the US of A The joys of nude living. I am still not back on schedule, which stinks as I have a job. More people I know complain about it. Also, I doubt this is healthy and the way things should be.

Human health is too much under the table for the benefit of the economy. Being naked and doing sports is fun for most people. For those who enjoy it, having an indoor option is important. As you can see in the above image, the volleyball players have a lot The joys of nude living fun. In the sun. The times are bringing low temperatures, rain, cold things and a general unpleasantness for being outside.

I am sure you see my point already. This depends a lot on where you live and how many nude sport-folks you can round up. Still, a nude gym hour is an option. Here in the Netherlands, The joys of nude living swimming pools have an evening The joys of nude living month for nude swimmers. What other options come to mind?

And that brings me to pool or billiards. I am not very good at this but playing this game can be a lot of fun. You will need a place that has a good table, which makes naked billiards a bit more complicated than nude darts, which you can do in almost every home if you have a sacrificial wall.

Not every dart hits the board, keep that in mind! I admit, you have to be a fan to play board games, but those are just as easily played and lost in the nude as in clothes. And finally, if you want to take it to the limit, take your clothes off and play a game of chess with this set:. You can find it here. Be warned. This set is not The joys of nude living Always a delight, something like that. At least for me, and judging from the number of people there, not just me.

Such a place is where I can wind down fully. No stress allowed there. Take it slow, go where you want to go when you want to go. And another good thing: no clothes needed. This is the most important thing. Your towel. Have it with you to sit on, as any proper naturist knows. The same goes for a wellness centre as it is at a nude beach: no staring.

And still, no staring. What I mean is that you encounter the greatest variety of body-types at such a place. Again, just as you do on a nude beach. We are all so different in the way we are the same! At a wellness centre, nude beach, nude swim, you name it, everyone is there for the same reason: to feel good in their own skin.

Just before starting this post, I thought about how it would be to run into all the same The joys of nude living of perfect, beautiful bodies in such a place…. Not for me. And that is what I meant. Not just everyone being pretty, ripped, toned, tanned, but the same. Give me the differences. The big and the small, the thick and thin, the perky and the flabby, the dark and the pale.

Those are the things that show people are people. Every kind of people. Skip to content. Nude darts, free as you can be. Summer of Naturists making waves. Naturism in the good old days. I hate daylight savings time. The Time Tunnel. And perhaps not so human, but I shall leave that up to you. Page 1 Page 2 … Page 85 Next page.

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