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My family had apparently chosen the worst time to move to Riverdale. We had just moved here about a week ago and I made friends with Betty easily, Veronica was alright, not my type of person I like to hang around but I put up with it.

Jughead and Archie had instantly became my best friends, I always got along with guys better than girls. From what they told me a gang, that Jughead was apart of, call the Serpents were coming to Riverdale high. It was apparently a huge deal because the Northside of Tumblr skater girl friends hated the Southside. Archie asked me if I would help them greet the Serpents to Riverdale High and I agreed because it meant I would probably make new friends.

If they were anything like Jughead I knew I would probably love them. Veronica gave her little welcome speech. Principal Weatherbee shut it down and the Serpents, lead by Jughead went to the student lounge.

I followed them and laid down on the couch, Jughead shook his head at me. Jughead just rolled his eyes. They all looked at me and smirked. I smirked back. Over the next few weeks things were rocky with the North and Southsiders. But I stayed out of it, mostly. They were way better than the Bulldogs. While getting to know them I started finding myself beginning to have a crush on Fangs. He was badass and super chill.

I jumped and flipped my skateboard then rolled up to Jughead. I kicked my board up and sat on the set next to him. He talks about me a lot? Before he could answer we heard the roaring of engines coming closer to us. The two of us looked up and saw the three young Serpents riding towards us. They stopped their bikes and then walked up to us. I was wearing a blue tank top, blue ripped jeans, a flannel, blue high tops, a black snapback hat, and my dog tags around my neck like always.

I looked at him confused and he just shook his head at me. They followed Sweets to his bike and I rolled my eyes at their lack of slyness. He looked at me confused and I just smiled at him. He laughed and gave me a friendly punch on my shoulder. Tag list: les-bio-lie tashy-bear xrosesareredx herokyolachan ashwarren32 hollie-blogs tht1wrdo schisbro87 lover-of-books-and-teas nerdygaloresposts blueandgoldaus southsidefandoms emo-godess-loves-you hiya-imthatgirl answer-the-sirens mindsetjupiter averysinclaire mittelerde sweetest-peas rousewriter nadiagazecka widowsgirl.

Keep reading. Character Fangs fogarty and female reader his girlfriend. Can I request 47 with Cheryl from Riverdale?

Fluff and smut Tumblr skater girl friends be great! Where the reader is a serpent and he and V already have an established relationship and are out of high school by this point. They have been Tumblr skater girl friends for some time and also Betty and Polly really like him. And he wants to propose to her on Thanksgiving and they help Tumblr skater girl friends set it up.

And it ends romantic? Before Oliver Queen went missing for five years, the Queen family use to throw a great Halloween party every year. Now that Oliver was back they were throwing one again. I was excited because a Queen party was always a good party. Tumblr skater girl friends got dressed in my werewolf costume,tonight was supposed to be a full moon, so I thought it would be a perfect fit.

Tumblr skater girl friends wanted me to come Tumblr skater girl friends early, I use to help them set up for Tumblr skater girl friends party, not that they needed the help since they had people do it for them, so really Oliver just used it as an excuse to hang out with me. I had always had a crush on him since the day I met him in high school. His mother had empty graves made for them on their property, but I never gave up hope and neither did Thea.

We helped each other through it, she was the only one that knew about my crush on her brother. She was so much Tumblr skater girl friends than me in every way, but after Oliver vanished she moved on after a few years. She was now dating his best friend Tommy, who was also my friend. They made a nice couple, but I felt bad for Oliver when he came back. The man himself answered it with a smile and I returned it. I did a little twirl and gave him a smile.

We hugged and she looked me up and down like Oliver did. Oliver rolled his eyes and turned back to me. I followed him to his room and immediately hopped on his bed. It was so comfy, then again he was part of the richest family in Starling City.

Get your mind out of the gutter! I Tumblr skater girl friends him and we both laughed. I found suspenders that would help complete the look I was going for. I walked back over to the bed and waited for Oliver to come out. You look just like a mob boss, well without the guns. I screamed and laughed smacking him with a pillow too.

The two of us were laughing and having a great time like it was old times, like he never disappeared for five years. Tumblr skater girl friends paused when he was on top of me.

He looked down at me and I could help the blush that painted my face red. His fingers gently touched my face and he smiled down at me. He nodded and his eyes flicked to my lips. My crush just asked me if he could kiss me? Oliver Queen just asked to kiss me! I nodded my head not trusting my voice at the moment.

His lips slowly made their way to mine and we both closed our eyes to savor the moment. My face burned red and I could bring myself to look directly at Thea. Oliver turned back to me with a smile. He pulled back confused and I bit my lip.

He sighed and sat up, I followed. I realized it then, it was always you. His lips met mine again and it was perfect. I was tagged by nuggettiwhose tags I live for. I tag gifsbysimplysoniapersephone-divinejobeanblogi-was-pretamangerflames-bring-a-ton-of-ashnegansdirtygirl22thatlittleredim-not-great-at-making-up-names. I tag harringtons-imagines Tumblr skater girl friends rose0jam venusianmaiden oreostars Tumblr skater girl friends inkinflux gryffindorwriter.

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