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The snowflakes drifted down through the trees like tiny gifts from heaven. I held my face up to catch some on my tongue. Immediately I crouched down, frozen in shock. Just a moment ago, the forest had seemed so deserted. It had that muffled, soundless quality that only a snowstorm can bring.

But now, somehow, my sanctuary was being threatened. I squatted there, with my arms covering my breasts, feeling the chill of the new-fallen snow pressed against my naked ass.

I thought briefly about going back for my clothes, but they were at least forty yards away, at the base of the oak where I'd left them. Too far to run, I thought, as my eyes swept the woods looking for the source of the voice.

That's when I saw him. He was standing on the road, near the point where the two dirt roads intersect, and he was looking straight at me through the trees. It was clear that he was talking to me, but I was too stunned to voice a reply.

To my back was a fence that I couldn't possibly climb. I can't," I told him. It was hard for me to see the guy through the trees, but not that hard. He probably already knew that I was naked. Come out so we can talk. I won't bite. I wouldn't admit it, not even to myself, but this had probably been one of the reasons for me getting naked in the first place.

I'd been aroused by the possibility -- very remote I thought - that I might get caught. Trying to quell my nerves, I stood up and slowly made my way through the trees wearing nothing but my boots. I had my arms covering my chest, and I was shivering slightly, but it wasn't from the cold.

Wants to get caught naked almost no wind blowing, the temperature felt surprisingly warm. He was in his Wants to get caught naked, good looking and nicely dressed. He had a smile that was warm and Wants to get caught naked. I quickly judged that he probably wouldn't attack me. Feeling unbelievably embarrassed, I slowly closed some of the remaining distance between us.

I took the last few steps and allowed him to take my hand and help me up onto the road. So tell me, why Free porn movie secretary it that you decided to get naked? I guess I like feeling the air on my skin," I told him, thinking I sounded totally lame. Glad I did too. My little sister got in a fight with my mother. That's why I'm out here. My sister was supposed to have cleaned out the horse stall today and she didn't.

She got into a shouting match with my mom. Then she walked out. I figured she's probably headed over to the stables, so I came out to try and find her. I thought it might not be safe for her to be out alone in the woods. He introduced himself - his name was Carl - and he promptly started a running conversation. He asked me my name and where I went to school. He told me he was a sophomore at the local college.

He had his own place, but was staying at his Mom's over the weekend. He talked about his school. He got me to tell him something about my life. Then he talked about the snow and how good the skiing would be. The whole time I felt like I was having some kind of surreal, out-of-body experience. Here Misty stone porn videos was, having Wants to get caught naked very normal conversation with a stranger.

But I Back pain position sex holding his hand and walking along beside him without a stitch of clothing -- and he was acting very cool about it! I had long since stopped trying to hide my breasts. Instead I just listened to him talk. He had a Wants to get caught naked, sexy voice that made me tremble inside.

It had Wants to get caught naked my mind that a car might come along and see me, but the odds of that were pretty slim. We were on a dirt road, seldom traveled even at the best of times. Right now, the snow on the road was almost a foot deep. It seemed unlikely that a car would try to navigate the road in these conditions. But with every step I took, I knew I was getting further from my clothes.

I began to wonder if I shouldn't tell Carl that I needed to turn back. That's when he suddenly grew quiet and stopped walking.

My whole body froze as Carl looked me up and down. Then, in a sudden move, he pulled me towards him and wrapped me in his arms. It scared the hell out of me! I brought my hands up to try to push him away, but he held me tight. He had his face close to mine and was looking deeply, searchingly into my eyes. The look was so intense; I felt he must surely know my secrets.

When Carl's lips met mine, my resistance started to fade. Before Wants to get caught naked, my hands had dropped to my sides. Despite the chill of his coat as it pressed against my naked skin, my body felt infused with heat. With a nearly crushing force, he drew me in tight pressing his body close to mine. His lips opened against me. His hands moved down to my ass, making my body melt into his. As his leg pressed between mine, lightning went off in my head.

In an almost dreamlike state, I found myself moaning into his mouth. My head had dropped back and his mouth was moving down my neck. Wants to get caught naked spoke to Wants to get caught naked in a deep, passionate voice, raw with Wants to get caught naked. Holding me with one arm, he slipped off his coat and laid it on the snow behind me. Then he took my breast in his mouth and lowered me onto his coat. When he dropped to his knees between my open legs, I briefly thought that I should try to stop him.

But it was way too late for that. Instead, I parted my legs to his gaze, letting him know that I was his to use. Carl lowered his face to my pussy. With a teasing gentleness, he began kissing and licking my sensitive flesh. His touch brought moans to my lips.

I felt the heat surge through my body. In desperation, I pulled his face hard into my wetness. I thrust up against him as his tongue found its Chubby girls with sexy ass in panties to my tunnel.

Using all my remaining will power, I released my hold on his head. In a subtle Wants to get caught naked of surrender, I lay my hands back on Wants to get caught naked new fallen snow and allowed myself to be taken. Not the first time I ever had sex with somebody, but the first time I was caught naked.

Over the years since, I've been caught numerous times. Clearly, I've been trying to get caught. It's become an obsession. I dream about it when I'm at work. I think about it with every man I meet -- and with some of the women as well. Often I'll act on my fantasies - in patterns of behavior that repeat themselves over and over. But the fantasies never get boring. The variations seem to be endless. And Wants to get caught naked fear and excitement I feel when taking risks are forever driving me forward.

On that first twilit evening, Carl and I made love with a passion I'd never known. It was like living a dream Wants to get caught naked had somehow come true.

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