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Jaundice is What is jaundice in adults yellow discoloration of skin, conjunctiva and urine. Jaundice is a symptom caused by underlying liver disease. Jaundice causes skin and whites of the eyes conjunctiva turn yellow. Jaundice is caused by several illnesses involving liver and blood. Thus, jaundice is a sign of blood or liver diseases.

The yellow discoloration of skin, eyes and urine is caused by high level of bilirubin in blood. Jaundice What is jaundice in adults a medical condition that is presented as a yellow discoloration of skin and conjunctiva of eyeball. The symptoms are associated with yellow discoloration of urine and pale feces. The yellow discoloration is caused by excessive bilirubin deposits in What is jaundice in adults and conjunctiva of eyes.

Urine color changes yellow because higher amount urobilirubin is discharged or excreted in urine. Similarly, blockage of bile duct causes less bilirubin in stool that results in pale feces. The yellow color of the skin and eye ball is caused by bilirubin deposits in skin and conjunctiva of eyes.

The red blood cells breaks down in 7 days. Red blood cell contains hemoglobin. What is jaundice in adults function of hemoglobin in red blood cells is to What is jaundice in adults oxygen. Hemoglobin breaks down into bilirubin and bilirubin from blood is then removed by liver. Liver excretes bilirubin in bile and bile is discharged into intestine. Some bilirubin from intestine gets absorbed as urobilinogen and then discarded in urine. The human body goes through normal wear and tear of cells and tissue.

Liver is a detoxifying organ. Liver malfunction decreases or shuts down all above described lever function. The liver malfunction is caused by liver infection, autoimmune diseases, genetic abnormalities and alcohol toxicity. Liver malfunction causes increase level of bilirubin. Symptoms resulting from various illnesses including liver diseases, such as infection, genetic disorder or autoimmune diseases are treated with medications.

Medications causes side effects. Side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and pain are irritable symptoms but occasionally few medications may cause side effects that is life threatening.

But products used as home remedies are not investigated, studied or regulated by government authorities. The risk involved can be substantial. But most home remedy products discussed in this article What is jaundice in adults safe, since most are consumed sometime by most Anna maria model nude. More and more What is jaundice in adults products are available and used by several individuals suffering with various symptoms.

None of these products are investigated or studied in What is jaundice in adults group of patients. The article does not recommend any home remedies for any disease, but just presents the remedies which are discussed in medical as well as general literatures and publications. We suggest that you must discussed with your primary care physician or specialist before considering home remedy for treatment of jaundice.

Home remedies are product that is consumed as a food or herbal and homeopathic medications. These products are found to be effective to treat certain illnesses and does gives relief from symptoms. Such treatment is often identified as home remedies.

Most literature considers these products as safe. Individuals recommending the product as home remedy also substantiate the product as safe and helps to relieve symptoms.

Such opinion comes from experience of another person who had consumed these product as home remedy. Such products often have been tried by friends, one of the family member or one of the senior citizen we all know.

Liver disease like viral infection as well as autoimmune diseases affecting liver have been treated with home remedies. You must consult your doctor as soon as you recognized jaundice.

You should not try home remedies until you are completely investigated and cause of jaundice is found. Your What is jaundice in adults treatment must be approved by your treating physician. Few home remedies had been studied in real control patients. Most studies are retrospective and What is jaundice in adults control binded studies.

Home remedy is always advised by a person or family member who had experienced its benefits. Some home remedies may work as placebo and may not in reality give any benefits. Jaundice is a dreadful disease which can happen to all age groups. To protect an individual from jaundice, every human should focus on their diet and well balanced meals habits which is wellness nourishing and easily digestible. Misty R.

Tomato juice intake increases resting energy expenditure and improves hypertriglyceridemia in middle-aged women: an open-label, single-arm study. This article contains incorrect information.

This article does not have the information I am looking for. Ask A Doctor Now. This article on Epainassist. We follow a strict editorial policy and we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any level of plagiarism. Our articles are resourced from reputable online pages. This article may contains scientific references.

The numbers in the parentheses 1, 2, 3 are clickable links to peer-reviewed scientific papers. Home Articles What is jaundice in adults Checked. Was this article helpful? Yes No. I Have a Medical Question. Ask A Doctor Now If you are facing a medical emergency, call your local emergency services immediately, or visit the nearest ER or urgent care facility.

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