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Nude scenes aren't particularly unusual for Hollywood actors. Many actors and actresses seem to appear nude in films, but often what you're actually seeing is a body double and Nude bollywood actress fake clever editing.

However, the actors seen here all decided to take the risk and bare it all, without the use of a body double. The results have gone on to live in film infamy - these are the 12 most memorable nude scenes in mainstream film history. But Boogie Nights had quite a few, involving famous Hollywood names. After the film came out, this particular scene became a definitive pop culture moment and has lived on in infamy ever since. Sharon Stone has said she didn't even realize that she was going to show what she showed in the film.

She admitted to smacking the director of the film in the head when she saw the first cut of the movie. The scene is memorable for its visceral nature and is one of the most aggressive nude scenes ever put on film.

Viggo Mortensen plays a Russian gangster and he gets into a fight for his life trying to defend himself against a rival. He ends up naked during the scene and what ensues is a daring piece of drama that Viggo Mortensen does entirely Andie macdowell porn pics fakes the nude. One of the most popular teen comedies of all time features many memorable scenes - some involving inappropriate uses for home cooked desserts.

However, the most famous scene involves foreign exchange student Nadia, played by Shannon Elizabeth. She accepts his proposal and makes him strip to get even. What happens next is unfortunate for Jim, Famous scenes in erotic film is one of the most awkward moments in film history. Comedienne Sarah Silverman isn't known for doing dramas or for taking part in any type of nudity.

But in this indie film Silverman disrobed for a decidedly non-sexual shower scene featuring three female friends at the gym. The internet started heating up and creating rumors when it was confirmed that Silverman would appear nude in the film. However, the final Famous scenes in erotic film was a Famous scenes in erotic film tame affair that was more about the bonding between friends than any sexual connotations.

Innocent Rose disrobes for Jack played by Leonardo Dicaprio and gets an intimate portrait drawn by him. The scene helped bring attention to the two stars of the film. It also left teenagers swooning over the romantic scenario and helped bring in repeat moviegoers to the theaters. This scene among others made Titanic one of the most popular films Famous scenes in erotic film. Teenage boys went out in droves to buy the VHS of this classic film after it came out.

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