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  1. The last minute was the best. ( nonstop) the rest was crap

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I've now been sleeping on this wonderful bed for a week while Melinda has been sick and I have taken quarantine measures seriously. As far as comfort goes it's not like sleeping in a real bed, with a real mattress, but it is a heck of a lot nicer than the couch that is for sure. I have the Beddinge sofa bed. Never again.

At least Ikea themselves noticed it's construction is really poor and seem to slowly discontinue it. Except for one, all mattress models are gone from our country's website. How do you find the fold-out mechanism? Ikea karlaby sofa bed looking to replace an old Ikea sofa-bed that gets folded out and then back in again on a weekly basis. Hi Michelle! Thanks for your question.

I'll be honest that we haven't had to do too much folding out and back since we bought the futon so I can't speak to the durability of the folding mechanism. I've never owned a futon before, so it took me a few seconds to get it to work. BUT it only takes one person to fold it down and once you get the hang of it, it isn't that hard to do it the next time.

I hope that helps you out! Thanks for reading! Thanks Ikea karlaby sofa bed responding Melinda! I haven't schlepped myself out to the Ikea to judge for myself, so it's good to get some intelligence from outside sources.

We love to hear from our readers! Ikea karlaby sofa bed bought a desk and a floor lamp to accomplish the home Ikea karlaby sofa bed part, but we haven't had the "bed" portion of the room figured out until this past weekend. I had done a lot of research, shopping, and testing on sofa beds, futons, and daybeds which I will share in some upcoming posts, but I ultimately decided to go the Ikea route on this one mainly due to cost.

I decided I didn't want to invest tons of money on a bedroom solution that we may only use for a year or so, but I figured we could Craig's List the futon for a third of what we paid for it. After some online perusing and testing this Ikea karlaby sofa bed out in the Ikea Charlotte store at Christmas, we decided Ikea karlaby sofa bed purchase the Karlaby futon with the Killeberg mattress in the Ransta dark grey color.

Karlaby Sofa Bed Ikea karlaby sofa bed Source: Ikea I went with the dark grey because it wouldn't show dirt like the cream option and it was the second cheapest cover option. We chose this futon over some of the other models because: 1 we could get the plush mattress option which felt waaaay better than Ikea's firm options which were horrible to sit on, let alone lay on, 2 the depth of the seat when set up as a couch was a super comfortable 41 inches, which means Mr.

Now for the bad. In typical annoying Ikea fashion, the futon size is somewhere between a full and a queen, but not exactly sure what size sheets will wind up fitting because the mattress is much thinner than your normal bed. The frame was full of misdrilled holes that caused Mr. Then, I rewarded both of them with a steak dinner, homemade mashed potatoes, and apple pie. Ikea karlaby sofa bed should also mention that Ikea is a horrible place to shop.

Much to our misfortune, the children's daycare area was closed which meant that all the children in the D. Finally, we had the worst customer service. I wanted to ask a few questions to make sure I wrote down the location of the correct mattress we wanted to purchase. It was like pulling teeth to get a sales associate to help us and when we finally got one to come over he Sexy naked big tit blonde girls completely distracted He hit me pretty hard and now I have bruises.

Despite all the mishaps, I'm happy to finally have something in place for anyone who comes to visit and Mr. Here's the finished result:. I decided I didn't want to have to store anything besides the sheets for the futon, so I used two standard sized pillows and one small toss pillow to fill up the couch and tossed a quilt on the back.

The queen sized quilt and and standard shams are Kate Spade that I picked up at the end of last summer for a super steal at Bed Bath and Beyond. The mattress looks a bit thin in the picture because it is rolled and vacuum sealed for shipping and storage. Other friends who have bought Ikea mattresses say that eventually it will fluff up. By shopping throughout the year, I was able to spread out the cost of the bedding so I didn't have to purchase everything all at once.

Anyone else purchased the Karlaby or another futon from Ikea? How did it work out for you? Anonymous March 10, at PM.

Anonymous April 1, at PM. Michelle April 9, at PM. Melinda April 10, at AM. Michelle April 15, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Please ignore the boxes on the left. The room is still a work in progress.

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