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Gay Erotic Video Index This site offers sexually explicit gay male adult content. Images and text contained on this site are adult in nature, depicting male homosexuality that may, by some, be considered objectionable and that may not be viewed by anyone under the age of majority.

Enter Exit. This website requires that JavaScript be enabled in order to display properly. Rikk is back and we are thrilled to have him! It was way back in that Rikk got his start in porn by shooting his very first scene on BaitBuddies.

Since then, this Latin hunk has Rikk york lucas entertainment on to do so much more! And, he has truly expanded his horizons and opened up sexually. Now, Rikk loves having sex with anyone as long as it feels good! And, during his sexual evolution, Rikk has discovered that he has a thing for big dicks!

The bigger the dick, the better! He tells Caruso that the largest dick that he's ever had inside him was Rikk york lucas entertainment solid 10 inches! Hopefully, Caruso can find a dick that's just as big or bigger to fill his hungry hole! Max Magnum is this week's straight guy and he sure does live up to his name! Max is 6 foot 5 inches tall, weighs over pounds, and this sexy stud is packing a beautiful 10 inch cock that's almost as thick as it is long! Max is just big and thick all over!

Caruso interviews both guys and makes sure that their comfortable getting up close and personal and more importantly, he needs to make sure they can get hard and stay hard.

Both guys strip down and prove that they both have what it takes. So, Caruso tells them that he's going to step out for a minute and go get Rikk york lucas entertainment girl for the scene. When he returns, it's bad news. No girl will be showing up today so the only way to make money is if both guys will have sex with each other But, it also pays double the money! Max wasn't happy at all but then Rikk offered to get fucked. Max said he would give it a try but he couldn't guarantee that he would be able to stay hard the entire time.

We beg to differ Rikk York and Julian Torres are about to hit the showers after a great workout but once Rikk smells Julian his mind thinks over other thoughts. They begin to kiss, touch and lick each other especially their armpits where Rikk buries his face in. Julian loves it especially when they both take turns rimming their hairy sweet holes. Rikk and Julian love to share the moments together as they take turns fucking each other, sucking each other and rimming one another until they both cum all over the place.

Rikk York and Sean Duran are standing in the door looking outside at the rain coming down and they are not going to go for a ride in their antique car today. Rick says he has a better idea and the two retire to the bedroom where they start making out passionately. Sean then starts sucking Rikk's toes and stroking his cock. He then goes right for Rikk's hairy ass and tongue fucks him for a while.

Sean then puts his big hard cock deep in Rikk's ass and fucks him long and hard. Sean then bends Rikk over and rims his ass Rikk york lucas entertainment more before fucking him from behind. They then lie side by side and Sean fucks him Rikk york lucas entertainment neither can hold back and they both shoot their loads. Rikk York has come to Joe Parker for some sexy photos as he has been working hard on his body and being over 30 years of age, wants to show it off. The shoot starts out with a sexy vibe, and then the sexual tension between the two of them grows with each click of the camera.

Rikk then reveals his hard cock and Joe cannot resist getting up close and Lovely anne nude galleries. Joe starts out stroking Rikk's cock and then starts sucking him and rimming Rikk york lucas entertainment beautiful hairy ass.

Rikk then sucks Joe's big hard cock and then Joe fucks him doggy style. Joe then Rikk york lucas entertainment on his back and Rikk rides his cock deep inside his ass. Joe then flips him onto his back and fucks Rikk york lucas entertainment deep and hard until Rikk Rikk york lucas entertainment his load and Joe follows.

Armond Rizzo's beautiful blue bike is his "baby" so when his hunky mechanic Rikk York tells him repairing it will be more expensive than they agreed on, he has to find another way to pay for the repair. Rikk can't keep his eyes off Armond's round firm ass, so there IS that. Armond gets down on his knees and pulls out Rikk's massive brown dick. Rikk bends him Rikk york lucas entertainment the bike and dives on in to Rikk york lucas entertainment his ass.

A Jennifer lopez bikini butt wet finger follows, then Rikk slams in from behind.

His thick cock plows deep into Rizzo's tight little hole. Climbing up on the motorcycle, Armond grabs the handlebars and bends over so Rikk york lucas entertainment can fuck him on the driver's seat.

After biker doggy style, they roll over so Rikk can throw Armond's legs up and pump his cock straight in. Armond's prostate can't take much more stimulation and he sprays his load over his pubes, then Rikk pulls out and starts beating. He milks a big groaning wad out onto Armond's dick.

As they kiss afterwards, Armond asks how much he owes for the repair and both laugh. This site offers sexually explicit gay male adult content. See this performer at:. Large red lotus tattoo added to his chest along with two hollow stars. Right arm has a full sleeve tattoo. Tattoos added to his left arm. Rikk York, Julian Torres Rikk york lucas entertainment. Rikk York, Sean Duran.

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The Real Pump n Dumps of Chicago. Rikk York Takes on Zane Anders. Suited for Sex, Gentlemen Armond and Rikk's Cycle Fuck. Dominic Pacifico Entertainment. Drew Dixon Gang Bang Part 2. Drew Dixon Gang Bang Part 1. Leather Hunk Edged in Chains. Rude Businessman's Airport Bathroom Nightmare. Zane Anders vs Rikk York. Rikk York Takes D. Matt Stevens and Rikk York. My Vent Needs a Cleaning. Christopher Daniels and Rikk York - Interview.

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