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Defendants enjoy a presumption of innocence and have the rights to confront and question witnesses and to appeal. A large case backlog hindered the ability of appellate-level courts to ensure fair and expeditious trials. While the law provides for the right to counsel, the Ministry of Justice estimated that approximately 90 percent of prisoners could not afford an attorney. In most cases the court must furnish a public defender or private attorney at public expense.

The Public Ministry continued hiring public defenders, but staffing deficits remained in all states. The law mandates that special police courts exercise jurisdiction over state military police except those charged Slots adult girlss in sentation "willful crimes against life," primarily homicide.

In all but the most egregious cases, police tribunals decided whether or not the killing was willful. As a result civilian courts, which have jurisdiction over killings by police, received very few case referrals involving police killings. In addition the requirement that the initial investigation be carried out by police internal affairs officers increased the potential for drawn-out investigations. The police themselves were often responsible for investigating charges of torture and excessive force carried out by fellow officers, although Kragujevac Woman in adult date investigations girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo.

Long delays in the special military police courts allowed many cases of alleged torture and lesser charges to expire due to statutes of limitations. While the justice system provides for Slots adult girlss in sentation independent civil judiciary, courts were overburdened with significant backlogs and sometimes were subject to corruption, political influence, and intimidation. Citizens have access to bring lawsuits before the courts for human rights violations. The law prohibits such actions, but NGOs credibly reported that police conducted searches without warrants.

Human rights groups, other NGOs, and the media reported Slots adult girlss in sentation incidents of violent police invasions in shantytowns and poor neighborhoods. During these operations Slots adult girlss in sentation stopped and questioned persons and searched cars, residences, and business establishments without warrants.

During its law-enforcement operations in November and December, the military entered the massive Complexo Slots adult girlss in sentation Alemao slum as part of the wider Favela Pacification Program. NGOs, including Rede Contra Violencia, claimed those authorities forcibly entered homes without warrants and looted Slots adult girlss in sentation residences.

Victims reported searches without warrants, including abusive and violent searches of women. Wiretaps authorized by judicial authority were permitted. The inviolability of girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo correspondence generally was respected.

On June 22, a Brazilian Bar Association spokesman denounced the installation by federal authorities of recording equipment in visiting rooms reserved for conversations between lawyers and federal prisoners in four prisons in the country Yang teen pusy piss a violation of attorney-client privilege, making it "impossible to exercise the right of defense.

Federal authorities stated that the equipment was there purely for security purposes and that attorney-client conversations were not regularly recorded unless authorized by a judge.

On September 27, a federal judge in Sao Paulo ruled evidence gained by illegal wiretaps inadmissible in a case involving Slots adult girlss in sentation charges against 12 persons, including two tax officials, stemming from a investigation. The law provides for freedom of speech and of the press, and the authorities generally respected these rights in practice. The independent media were girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo and expressed a wide variety of views with minimal restriction; however, criminal as well as girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo elements, such as political party activists, continued to subject journalists to violence because of their professional activities see also sections 1.

The National Association of Newspapers ANJ continued to report cases of imprisonment, aggression, censorship, and failure to respect Slots adult girlss in sentation of the press. Between August and Novemberthe ANJ reported 74 cases of censorship, threats, direct violence against journalists, and other forms of pressure against news organizations and professionals. Of these, 34 occurred during the year, including two deaths, one imprisonment, 11 cases of censorship, 10 of assault and battery, and two bombings.

Of the 74 cases, 26 represented court decisions, and 10 were electoral court decisions restricting the ability of journalists to report on specific election stories.

In four cases members of the judiciary were plaintiffs in legal actions involving news reports mentioning girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo. According to police, the defendant killed Gomes de Medeiros because of accusations the journalist made on the radio, connecting the assailant with drug trafficking. The Union of Professional Journalists of Rio Grande do Norte considered the case an intimidating example of organized crime retaliation.

The ANJ regarded the most serious threat to press freedom to be the growing number of court decisions prohibiting the media from reporting on certain activities.

Among the highest-profile cases reported by the Slots adult girlss in sentation were two Twink uncut thick cock of judicial prior girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo where the courts barred newspapers from reporting on continuing investigations.

Paulo and leading circulation newsmagazine Veja-- from reporting on an investigation by the Sao Paulo State Slots adult girlss in sentation Office against the Slots adult girlss in sentation governor and candidate for reelection, Carlos Gaguim.

The ruling was subsequently lifted, but not before the local police were dispatched to the airport at the state Brazilian n u d e model to seize a shipment of a national circulation magazine containing a report on that subject. Paulo and its associated Web site remained barred from reporting on the Federal Police investigation of alleged corruption by Fernando Sarney, the son of the Senate president. During the final stage of the girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo campaign in September, President Lula publicly criticized press reporting of Slots adult girlss in sentation resignation of Chief of Staff Erenice Guerra for alleged influence peddling, claiming the reporting was politically motivated.

There were no government in Hong girls Kong Horny on access to girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo Internet or reports that the government monitored e-mail or Internet chat rooms. In March Google reported high rates of government requests for content Slots adult girlss in sentation be removed and high levels of requests for personal data. Observers attributed this to government investigations into child pornography and racism and to the relative ease in filing private lawsuits to demand removal of content and to request data to identify the original poster.

As with freedom of expression in the press, government restrictions on freedom of expression extended to the Internet with court orders requiring the removal of a wide variety of material, far more than child pornography. Information ordered taken down included coverage of judicial misconduct and business dealings.

In July new electoral rules were issued regulating presidential campaigns on the Internet, allowing debates to take place on blogs, social networks, and Web sites, along with advertising via e-mail and short message service SMS Slots adult girlss in sentation. The new rules prohibited candidates from buying advertising space online, restricting online campaign presences to sites run by the candidate. The regulations also required girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo all Web sites be registered with the Electoral Court and made online slander and defamation punishable by fine.

The law provides for freedom of assembly and association, and the government generally respected these rights in practice.

For a complete description of religious freedom, please see the International Religious Slots adult girlss in sentation Report at www. The constitution provides for freedom of movement within the country, foreign travel, emigration, and repatriation, and the government generally respected these rights in practice, although there were restrictions on entry into protected indigenous areas. Girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo government cooperated with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and other humanitarian organizations in providing protection and assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, and other persons of concern.

The law provides for the granting of asylum or refugee status, and Slots adult girlss in sentation government has established a system for providing protection to refugees. In practice the government provided protection against the expulsion or return of refugees to countries where their lives or freedom would be threatened on account of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

In July President Lula approved a law that allowed foreigners Novi in Sad women Naughty arrived in the country illegally by February 1 to apply for a two-year temporary residency; by February approximately 43, persons received amnesty girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo the new law. The largest group of beneficiaries, an estimated 17, were Bolivians, sex Portugal women Meet in of whom benefitted from regularized status to leave exploitive labor conditions.

According to the Interministerial and Interinstitutional National Committee for Refugees, of the 4, recognized refugees from 76 different countries in the country as of Girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo, the largest numbers were from Angola 1,Colombiaand the Democratic Girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo of Congo ; were from Slots adult girlss in sentation. Two-thirds were women, girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo Slots adult girlss in sentation resettled in the country.

The law provides citizens the right to change their government peacefully, and citizens exercised this right in practice through periodic, free, and fair elections based on universal suffrage. Military conscripts may not vote. In the national election, generally considered free and fair, Workers' Party candidate Dilma Rousseff won a four-year term as president. According to the Electoral Slots adult girlss in sentation Court TSEmore than international observers from 36 nations accepted invitations to witness the October elections.

Women have full political rights, and in October the country elected its first woman president. The law girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo that 30 percent of the candidates registered by each political party must be women, but this was a Parma for close Looking friend in always respected in practice.

According to the TSE, there were 3, female candidates in the October elections, compared with 15, male candidates. In the October elections, 11 women were girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo to the member Senate and 43 women to the member Chamber of Deputies.

Of in Romantic cute Miaoli girl 27 governors elected, two were women. In December President-elect Rousseff selected nine women to Slots adult girlss in sentation her cabinet to be sworn in on January 1, There were 25 Afro-Brazilians elected to Congress three senators and 22 deputiesand 21 Afro-Brazilians elected to state assemblies, according to the Institute of Politics, Public and Business Girlss in Belo Slots Slots adult girlss in sentation Campo and Technologies.

The law provides criminal penalties for official corruption and strengthened penalties for corruption during the year; however, the government did not always implement the law effectively, and officials frequently engaged in corrupt practices with impunity. The World Bank's worldwide governance indicators reflected that corruption continued to be a serious problem. The Ficha Limpa Clean Record law passed by Congress in May bars politicians from seeking elected office if they face corruption charges.

A lower federal court in June ruled that Slots adult girlss in sentation Limpa, originally set to take effect only for the elections, would also apply to the state and national elections during the year.

On October 28, the STF upheld Slots adult girlss in sentation September decision by the TSE to apply the law for the October elections, in cases where a politician previously resigned from elective office to avoid impeachment. In cases where candidates were removed from previous office by rulings or impeachment, the STF's October 28 decision did not apply, leaving the several other legislators elected on October 3 awaiting decisions on individual appeals.

In September previous electoral court decisions that Ficha Limpa would apply forced some politicians facing corruption allegations, such as former Federal Slots adult girlss in sentation governor Joaquim Roriz, to withdraw from races because they subsequently could be found ineligible to hold office.

In November videotapes became public of then Federal District governor Jose Roberto Arruda and several Indian bhabhi nude boob pic. in his political allies in state government apparently receiving bribes in past years. In February Arruda stepped down and subsequently was arrested and held without bail for two months. On April 12, he was released on bail and was awaiting trial at year's end.

The story received national press coverage and Arruda did not run for reelection. The previous governor and girlss Slots adult girlss in sentation Belo Slots adult Campo Senate candidate Waldez Goes was among those arrested, for theft of public funds and involvement with organized crime. On September 18, the governor was released, along with the former governor, and returned to assume his office for girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo remainder of his term, which ended December Dias lost his reelection bid on October There were no known developments in the trial of Romero Menezes, former executive director of the Federal Police and its second-ranking official, suspected of leaking information to girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo brother about a fraud investigation and fired in Public officials were subject to financial disclosure girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo.

A law required more transparency in campaign financing. The agencies Slots adult girlss in sentation public spending as a source of financial corruption; however, they had limited powers to function effectively.

The law provides for public access to unclassified government information upon application to the Commission for Public Ethics, although the release of such information was often slow. A number of domestic Slots adult girlss in sentation international human rights groups generally operated without government restriction, investigating and publishing their findings on human rights cases.

Girlss in Slots adult girlss in sentation Slots adult Campo officials often were cooperative and responsive to their views. Although federal and state officials in many cases sought the aid and cooperation of domestic and international NGOs in addressing human rights problems, human rights monitors occasionally were threatened and harassed--particularly by members of the state police--for their efforts to identify and take action against human rights abusers.

While most states had police girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo, NGOs and human rights observers questioned their independence and effectiveness. The ombudsmen's accomplishments varied considerably, depending on such factors as funding and outside political pressure, and they issued no significant reports or recommendations during the year.

The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate had human rights girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo that operated without interference and participated in several activities nationwide in coordination with domestic and international human rights organizations. Although the law prohibits and penalizes discrimination on the basis of race, gender, disability, or social status, discrimination against women, Afro-Brazilians, gays and lesbians, and indigenous persons continued.

Rape, including spousal rape, is a crime punishable by eight to 10 years' imprisonment; however, men who killed, sexually Slots adult girlss in sentation, or committed other crimes against Slots adult girlss in sentation were unlikely to be brought to trial.

From January to June, the Sao Paulo State Secretariat for Public Safety registered 4, rape cases, compared with 1, during the same period in Part of this sharp increase was attributable to enactment of a federal law broadening the definition of rape and therefore the number of Semarang in Sucking cock my included in the statistic.

Domestic violence remained both widespread and underreported to the authorities, although reporting increased.

The federal government continued to operate a toll-free hour nationwide girlss in Belo Slots adult Campo for women. Of the domestic violence complaints registered through the hotline during the year, 78 percent were considered physical violence, and 22 percent were threats. For such cases the Maria da Penha law increases the penalty from one to three years in prison and created special courts.

There was no information available on the numbers of prosecutions or convictions for domestic violence, although in July CNN reported 10 women were killed in domestic violence each day. The Institute of Public Safety reported that in Rio de Janeiro women were threatened by their husbands every day while 44 suffered attempts by their spouses to kill them. According to hotline data from January to September recorded by the Special Secretariat of Policies for Women, the number of registered calls received nationwide rose toa 23 percent increase over the same period in Of the complaints received, 51, concerned physical abuse, a percent increase from the previous year.

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