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Technically there isn't any visible expanding, but I trust we all know they aren't actually that big. No comments:. Labels: Breast Expansion. Sunday, August 11, Shadows Walkthrough.

Labels: Walkthrough. Wednesday, July 24, Walkthrough Extra Bounce. The tutorial is 8. I also bumped up with Reach parameter to instead of the default on the CC Smear to exaggerate it a bit more. Monday, July 22, Script Update to 4. I've updated the script, enough that it's now version 4. The 3 major changes: When using single jiggle the script will now use a better displacement map.

The expressions have been updated for all modes, but there's an extra Extreme breast expansion morphs that gets added when in single jiggle mode. The change effects the Heftiness slider. New Tool: Duplicate Frame Removal. New Tool: Extra Bounce.

The first is just an update to the masks and expressions that control some of the movement added by the Jiggle portion of the script. It only has an effect Extreme breast expansion morphs the displacement map, which is mainly control by the Heftiness slider.

Also, because it uses a circle, it could really only be used in single jiggle mode. Dual center mode still works, it just uses the older version of the displacement map masks. Duplicate Frame Removal The new tools show up under the tools tab! One is for removing duplicates frames that appear in a pattern, the other is for adding extra movement to a tracked point.

If you've ever worked with a video file from Gfycat, you may have noticed Extreme breast expansion morphs there are duplicate frames. It depends on what file was originally uploaded, but Gfycat seems to only have a handful of frame rates it likes. So if you upload a file in 48fps it will encode it in What the new tool does is ask you how often the pattern repeats and how many of those frames are duplicates: The red frames would get dropped.

The tool will then add an expression to the layer and drop a pattern of frames, in addition Extreme breast expansion morphs will also change the composition's frame rate so the duration of your footage stays the same. In the time remapping expression there is a value right at the top that you may need to change. It starts at 0, but if you run this script and there are still duplicate frames, increase this value by 1 and see if the pattern matches then.

Keep adding 1 until the duplicates are removed. This works on rounding, so it's possible the pattern may not match up on the first frame, which this little shift value adjusts the pattern's position. Extra Extreme breast expansion morphs This may turn Aubrey ftv girls banana something more later.

Here's the basic idea: What if you have a casual jiggle, but you want more jiggle? That's basically what this does. If in After Effects you use a motion tracker to track let's say a nipple, then use this tool, you'll get a null layer that Beautiful indian girls nipples effectively your track but with more bounce.

You can then use that with a CC Smear effect to basically make more jiggle! It's actually pretty nice, I was surprised. It has 2 controls: How far back it needs to look and a shift control. The Hot german potato salad far back it goes" is measured in frames and it's basically how many frames should be considered when guessing where the jiggle starts.

The shift value is if you want it to look into the future, so a value of 1 represents looking a single frame ahead. This is designed to add extra bounce, Extreme breast expansion morphs pre-emptive bounce, but I guess you could do that if you wanted to. One downside right now is this does not work well if the camera is Extreme breast expansion morphs a lot, it can handle a little but not too much.

Update your looks just like you update your phone! Just hope there's no issues with the updates. However, the animating was pretty solid. This scaling makes it look almost like it's moving forwards and backwards in a scene, which is what I used on her hand and the phone to tilt it. Almost everything was rigged to something else, so changes were pretty seamless. The biggest challenge was the phone display So after the phone was rigged, I used the position of it to move the Camera that was pointed to the little display comp.

That entire composition was actually a 3D scene that moved correctly, it's very cool. The downside was because I didn't redraw tons of stuff, I couldn't move the camera very much so the effect is largely hidden because the movement is so minor. I added a lot of stupid details, like the reflection of her face the phone because it's black, or her finger slightly lifts off the phone for a second which causes a tiny bit of rotation on the phone.

Dumb stuff. Labels: Breast ExpansionHentai. Monday, May 6, Mine, also Mine. I would guess even models get a bit jealous at times. Most just can't do anything about it. I was going to try and use content aware fill, but I realized I didn't want it to grab from surrounding areas so that was scrapped. What I ended up doing was creating frames to use as sources and then morphing according to the masks Mocha produced.

Way more Extreme breast expansion morphs then I set Big ass booty anal to do.

So the left girl originally doesn't have a large chest in case you can't tellso those are edited in. The girl on the right Extreme breast expansion morphs have a large chest, so I had to edit them out.

As for the butts, both were big, so I had to edit them smaller in both cases, just at different times. Left had Extreme breast expansion morphs reduced, while right girl had her's un-reduced. Pro-tip: Blogger doesn't host mp4 files like these, so they're already hosted on gfycat and imgur. Saturday, April 27, Walkthrough Extreme breast expansion morphs. A small number of people have asked me how to edit video, so here we go!

Again, I'm sorry it's more of a walkthrough than a tutorial or guide, but it beats having nothing. The walkthrough is available on mega. Description: I go over rotoscoping and the process I use for it. Then I go over using liquify on video and how to use the offset Extreme breast expansion morphs on the liquify effect to help out.

Then I got back and show how to use the Reshape Effect instead. Below are the results. Friday, April 26, Walkthrough 1. Despite it's name, Walkthrough 1 isn't the easiest, it was just Extreme breast expansion morphs first.

The "Walkthrough Liquify" is the easiest. I realized this one was a bit harder than I wanted after I completed it, so I went back and made the Liquify walkthrough. Description: The first thing I do here is color correct the image in Photoshop. Also, I add additional layers to the psd file so the breasts have more breathing room in the Extreme breast expansion morphs. In After Effects I use Reshape to control the size.

I briefly show how to do this without the Jiggle and Grow script, but then also show how to use the script. In addition, I then go over how to add shadows, which is where most of the time is spent. At the very end, I show exporting to an mp4 file and creating a gif. I'm sorry it's not really a tutorial, Extreme breast expansion morphs it's better than nothing.

It was the first one I did so I think I improved a tiny bit with the other two. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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