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  1. Would love to fuck the arse off her, and spunk up her cunt, she is lovely.

  2. He's absolutely smitten by her, what a wonderful, beautiful couple they are xx

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Your lips are what make you who you are. You can't look at your body Girl have big vagina way it is? Ur perfect jsut the way you are. Please don't try to talk down or reduce the value of smaller vagina lips just because yours are bigger and may or may not be as desirable to men. Thats not it. Some can't accept the way they are.

Smaller lips are smaller lips who cares. Big lips are big lips. I'm not trying to Girl have big vagina down at all. I don't know about the QA but I hve fairly big outter lips?! What's your honest opinion on that? Sexual Health.

I didn't even realize them until I actually looked and it grossed me out. Share Facebook. I have really big vagina lips and it makes me really insecure because they gross me out, do guys think Girl have big vagina gross?

Add Opinion. The vast, vast majority of guys don't care at all. Some very small percentage of guys will not like it, Girl have big vagina like some only like big boobs, or small boobs, or big butts, or whatever.

But that's their issue, not yours. Vulvas are no different than any other body part: they vary in shapes and sizes and are all different. As a guy, that's what makes women's bodies wonderful and amazing, and exploring them and learning their differences is a big part of what makes sex fun Blonde billy glide anal exciting.

You should know that in some places, "soft core" magazines are airbrushed and photoshopped to make all girls look like they have an "innie" or "hot dog bun", but that's not because it's what guys want, or what is more or less attractive, but because they have to in order to get pictures of vulvas past the censors.

Even magazines like Playboy do this routinely, especially now that girls rarely have hair to hide that detail.

It is NOT "normal" for all girls to look like that. And while a few immature or inexperienced guys may say otherwise, most guys either don't care or simply enjoy the variety. You are fine down there; relax. As long as it is clean and free of infections, your guy is going to like whatever you've got. I've been with both small and Girl have big vagina "lipped" women and they are most definitely more pleasurable. Men love roast beef. Guys probably won't even notice, and if they do, they don't care.

It's your body, every labia is unique. My inner lips are lopsided, wrinkly, and weird, but I would never change them. If a guy doesn't like it, then I don't want him near my vagina anyway, haha.

I have this too. Most guys I've met have no prblm with it their mostly just amzed lol. I think smaller ones just seem weird. But love it and own it your body is perfect and just fine the way it is.

Show All Show Less. Scarlet12 Xper 2. I know just what your going through! I have big lips as well and I'm very insecure about them! It's hard for me to have sex with guys cause I'm afraid of what they will think.

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. There are some who will say its gross, I personally like it, more meat specially like this girl. Why would anyone have a problem with this? I find it an incredible turn on. Answereverything Xper 4.

It is actualy nicer to eat out and so on. I'm a girl, but I hook up with other girls. It wouldn't bother me, as long as you are clean and well-groomed, not really an issue. I think most guys would feel the same way, but I can't say for sure, obviously. I certainly do care about it. Larger labia turn me on. Big outer Girl have big vagina or big inner lips? I'm surprised that some feminist hasn't eaten Girl have big vagina alive for saying "vagina" as opposed to "vulva".

I love them. Big outer lips are so hot. I can speak for myself as a man that absolutely prefer big inner vagina lips that stick out it is very appealing and the oral foreplay is great be proud of those beautiful lips you've been given. From behind the computer? If I was in the bedroom, sexually involved? Related myTakes.

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