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Why i mean come on just why can sonic and sally be naked then amy that doesn't make sence. Nude Sonic is okay but nude Amy is not? Jun 22, 3 min read. See More by laqb. Looking for someone to edit a picture. Jul 16, So do not worry with the heavy conscience. You may be asking "what kind of edition I want? You don't. Is because people have dirty mind and will always see it in the wrong way?

Let's see So the answer is no? Nude Amy is just as okay as nude Sonic? Comments Girls on dance nude Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Hmm, maybe the reason is, that in an old 2d game you have to show that a character is male or female. And a good way to show people that a character is female is maybe that she wears a dress. It is not unusual that female animal characters wearing dresses or skirts Cindy Bear for example wear a Amy from sonic naked while Yogi Bear wears a tie.

And I guess Sega took that over all female characters which they intruduced later. Why some girls in Satam or the Archie Comics were also nude, I don't know. But I guess to remember that the nude girls were more I will not say tomboys, but not that girly characters. Or at least I can not imagine that characters like Sally, Fiona or Barby are girls who are that Amy from sonic naked into fashion, especially in the fights. And to be Amy from sonic naked, the bigger question for me is: Why does Sally have to wear clothes now while Antoine for example became a nudist now?

I personal find it unrealistic Amy from sonic naked all male animal characters are naked while all female Amy from sonic naked characters are Amy from sonic naked. The combination with more nude males but also some nude females would be more realistic in my opinion.

Not all girls are interested in fashion. And if the reason is that the creaters want to cover up the female body parts, than I find it really stupid because if Amy from sonic naked breasts are covered by fur or clothes makes no big difference. You still see the breasts and you still don't see the nipples. But that is just my personal view on this. Those are very good points, mate. I can kinda see what you mean, though I prefer to see them with clothes on, but I wish for the consistency to apply to Sonic and the guys as well.

I've always wondered what the dudes would wear, if they decided to have both of them wear stuff. I know this kinda is not related to the issue at hand, but I've never exactly saw a problem with the gals It's basically: do as I say, not what I do. I agree with you dude. They're really hard to come by.

Already found dude. Nice Also, I'm joined your group. Welcome to the Group! Amy Rose is usually discolored when her chest is revealed. In fact it's pink just like an official artwork Amy from sonic naked her swim suit. Sonic X was supervisioned by Sega themselves, so the cream chest is not canon, just a usual fan fetish. Still, why are the girls always dressed up, while Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver and so on can walk around completely naked?

Actually the fact the girls were undressed in DiC cartoons is due the fact the company didn't cared to make any kind of research regarding the games. When Amy debutted in Sonic manga, she was already dressed. I'm not certain why the reason they decided to come with that idea of girls always dressed. However, we gotta blame DiC Pink high heels cum recreating Sonic in the cartoons rather than making an actual adaptation which explain Sally's nudity.

There is a brutal difference between the cartoons and the games since they never cared to understand how Sonic truly works. Okay, I got it. But, still is a interesting thing to think about. I'd say it's probably because the male characters, Everybody loves raymond debra barone nude well as Sally, were always depicted not fully clothed, so people are used to it and it doesn't attract any attention.

Meanwhile, characters like Amy are usually fully clothed so when she isn't, you actually see them as being naked and it attracts attention.

Personally I actually like the concept of a nude Amy for a couple of reasons. Firstly she's an animal like Sonic so there should really be nothing inappropriate about her being nude on its own.

Secondly you can put Amy and Sonic or another guy side by side, both naked, and point out the fact that Sonic's always naked anyways so it shouldn't really be a problem for Amy.

Now, if these two reasons weren't applicable such as if the characters were humanthen I'd be mostly against her appearing nude. Then there's also just the curiosity of what would happen if Amy didn't have her dress.

Such as Amy from sonic naked she'd look like Amy from sonic naked she been designed from the start without clothing but otherwise the way she is now. Or what if she only wore her dress sometimes and didn't care at all about if she was naked or not?

Or what if she were normally dressed but with it being just fine to show her nude where you'd expect one to be nude such as showering without having to hide anything or put the scene off camera? Or what if the Amy we know ended Amy from sonic naked losing her clothes one day and subsequently ran into Sonic or some other character.

Would she try to cover herself despite the fact that her fur already covers herself? Would she point out that Sonic only wears gloves and shoes all the time and it shouldn't be a problem for her to be nude? Or would it be Sonic that points that out? Or would Amy just not care at all? Generally, I Amy from sonic naked that if you're going to show the characters nude, it should be reasonably appropriate for the maturity levels and personalities of the characters.

On the other hand, though, there really isn't much of a correlation between Amy's given age and her appearance such as when you compare the games and the comics. So even if the games put her at 12, she really doesn't have a specific age in fan art unless it's classic Amy or something Amy from sonic naked, so people are going to do more provocative or sexually-themed depictions as well.

And if there's actually a sex scene or something then the artist can just say that it takes place several years in the future when she's 18 or something.

Or the viewer can just assume that. Then there's those depictions that contradict her having fur and show naughty parts. I feel that since her parts shouldn't really be visible even when fully nude, if they are visible then it's automatically sexual. Again, for Sex during the great depression art you can usually assume she's older.

Probably not a good idea to post it on deviantart though. But on the other hand I don't like it when people exaggerate her proportions for sexual purposes, or do overly Amy from sonic naked hardcore sex scenes typical of porn sites.

Or when she's victimized such as in chaoscroc's stuff, or depictions of rape, etc. Rape is just no good, though. Same thing goes for Sonic's reaction, it can be like this "Oh, come on, Amy! I guess people isn't okay with because Amy is 12 and sonic have never been shown to clothes in the games or shows and because most sonic female wears clothes seeing Sally with out clothes bothers them?

Tails never wears clothes and he was younger than Sonic in the first game.

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